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Jun 3, 2009 08:06 AM

Bodrick's BBQ in Charlotte...anybody been?

I was driving up N. Statesvile Avenue the other day and saw this place. Anybody been? Is it worth checking out? It looked like they burn wood, but it is decidely down-scale, almost sketchy actually. With the dearth of good 'q in Charlotte, i'm curious about it.


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  1. I'm curious about it too, as I drive by it a lot when I visit clients up at Jail North (just saying that, I'm sure, adds to the sketchiness of the place).

    My guess is that it's actually more ribs and things like that, but I'm not sure.

    1. Decided to go ahead and try it out. Its take out only. The woman at the counter was very nice. We got a 3 meat/2 side combo with chopped pork, ribs, fried fish, fried okra and slaw. Added another half rack of ribs. I was wrong about the wood, its gas cooked. The 'q and ribs were good to very good, especially considering the lack of wood cooking. The fried fish and okra was excellent. They have other items, including fried chicken, which, based on the fish, I'm betting is very good. I'll get back sometime and try that.

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        Thanks for reporting back and being the guinea pig.

        How would you rate the chopped pork against other CLT options?

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          Well, I've only been to Spoon's, Macs and Olde Hickory House, in addition now to Bodrick's. I'd say Olde Hickory is the best, and the other 3 are all about equal. Bodricks has thicker, more Memphis style sauce, as opposed the more typical NC style sauce.

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          I've been going to Boderick's for years ... love the ribs tips! Definitely an undiscovered Chowhound gem.