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Jun 3, 2009 07:52 AM

Bachelorette dinner and drinks with mixed group - underage and older women

I am trying to plan a bachelorette night out in NYC for my brother's fiance, but I live in Southern NJ now and I am so out of the loop with where to go and what to do in NY. I want to go to a fun restaurant for dinner and then out someplace fun afterwards, but we have 2 girls that are only 18/19 years old and I have no idea where you can still get in with underage girls, but still have that fun bar or club atmosphere for the people of age that can drink.

I also want to make sure the price for dinner isnt too high so that everyone is comfortable with it.

Any suggestions??

Also - if anyone knows of a reasonable limo company - that would be helpful. I know this website is for food questions, but just throwing it out there for suggestions.


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  1. Any cuisine preference? How many people? I know you'll be hard pressed to find a bar or club that the underagers can get into...especially on a weekend.

    1. Buddha Bar has a lounge where you can also eat (or move there after dinner). I had some trouble with service when I went, but the food was good and it's trendy and fits the "going out" bill.

      1. I think Otto might work well for both dinner and drinks. I can't think of any pure bar/lounge place with atmosphere that will let the underage girls in, so I think a restaurant with a good bar scene is your best bet. Otto has a good vibe for the bachelorette dinner and then you guys can move to the bar area which is always hopping.

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          You could do the same sort of thing with Stanton Social; it is pretty loud but it is a good spot for sharing food and for a bar scene after.

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            Second Stanton Social. The food is great and I like the upstairs bar area. As for bars and lounges, most, if not all places, that have the kind of atmosphere I think you want are unfortunately going to check IDs.

          1. One Little West 12th and Stanton Social are both great suggestions. Would also like to add STK, Buddakhan and Spice Market