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Jun 3, 2009 07:43 AM

K bars in Baltimore or DC

Some friends and I have a New Year's Resolution to try a new bar every two weeks, starting with A and working our way to Z. We currently need a good 'K' place. I've been to Kooper's Tavern before, and another friend has nixed Kibby's. The current front-runner is Kiku Sushi in Federal Hill. I like sushi just fine (especially as the weather gets hot) but I have never once heard a word about this place, good or bad.

So reviews of Kiku OR any other K bar suggestions are much appreciated! We usually stay around Baltimore but going to DC and its Maryland suburbs, especially Columbia and Bethesda, is not a problem. I've been to Kinkead's and Kaz Sushi Bistro before, so not those.

Is Kawasaki back in Baltimore, without the slave labor this time? Do Kali's Court or Komi have bars? Is Kotobuki worth the trip to Palisades?

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    1. re: lawhound

      Oh, good thought. I have been to Kisling's before though, and the point of the (rather pointless) excercise is to try new things. :)

    2. Kali's Court does, indeed, have a bar. You might even be able to savor your drinks outside in their lovely courtyard. Although, you may feel obligated to order something to eat as well, as Kali's is more specifically a restaurant then just a bar.

      I totally agree with your friend with regards to nixing Kibby's. It has a very depressing atmosphere. FoiGras

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      1. Koco's Pub on Harford Rd in Lauraville....try the crabcakes!!

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            Love your sense of humor.. FoiGras

            1. re: Hue

              A big second for the Koco's rec. I took a friend last week for his first visit. As we were leaving, he made the comment that the crowd was the most diverse in any bar he had ever been in. Just a sample from that night included kids after a little league game, a Roland Park foursome, plenty of lesbians couples, a few thugs, and a pair on their first date. The people watching is almost as good as the crab cake. Almost.

            2. Koopers in Fell's point would do the trick

              1. How about Kyma in Annapolis? Something a little different.