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Jun 3, 2009 07:20 AM

Best hash browns in DC

I'm looking for the best hash browns in DC. And when I say hash browns I mean shredded hash browns (a la Oceanaire) not breakfast potatoes or any type of square potato.

Any recommendations would be great!


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  1. I think Waffle House more or less perfected hash browns. I suppose you can get fancier hash browns by adding more luxe ingredients such as truffle oil. Most steakhouse hashbrowns aren't necessarily better than Waffle House's.

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      1. re: Hal Laurent

        I totally concur with the love for WH hash browns -- especially covered and smothered. But I don't know of any within 20 miles of DC, or Baltimore.

        Before this thread gets jettisoned to the Chains board -- can anyone cite nearby WHs? I know of two: one outside of Aberdeen off I-95, and one in Middletown DE right off Route 301.

        1. re: bordeauxfan

          Well, not within 20 miles, but there are WH's in Frederick, MD and Fredericksburg, VA. And perhaps some in towns not named Fred.

          Had hash browns in the Fredericksburg one this very morning. Quite good; indeed, the best thing about the breakfast.

          1. re: bordeauxfan

            The closest Waffle House I know is in Urbana, MD, 30 minutes from Bethesda.

            Surprising that there isn't one on Rt. 1 in College Park, Beltsville, or Alexandria.

            1. re: Mister Big

              If I could Google that for you, I would've. Instead:


              1. re: Dennis S

                I totally agree Waffle House does have the best HB, but we'll be in DC this weekend and I thought there might be a good place there.

          2. re: Hal Laurent

            there's are 3 waffle houses in MD off of I95 N. I"ve been driving to NYC lately, and have stopped at them.

        2. I think Market lunch has the piece of potatoes kind. That is what I am struggling with is the shredded limitation... Places I would think have good hash browns but may not be shredded: Market Lunch breakfast Saturday only before 11:30 and there is normally a long but worth it line. Other places I can't recall exactly but would seem like they would do it well would be Chef Geoff's, Clydes, Poste, Florida Ave Grill, Hank's (they have great hash but with small square potatoes so probably what hash browns are like)

          1. Question For Anyone Who Knows: Do they still use "griddle grease" now that a lot of places have done away with transfats?

            When I worked in a diner many years ago, we used to get griddle grease in big five-gallon buckets. It was a bright orange-yellow color and it was about the consistency of pudding. This stuff was a must for making good hashbrowns. (The ones we served were considered awesome by the locals.) Not only did it have a higher smoke point than butter, margarine, or some cooking oils, but it also created a really gorgeous crisp and color to the hashbrowns. For us, it was matter of dropping our shredded potato/onion/spice mixture on top of a puddle of this stuff and frying it to a lovely crisp state.

            I haven't worked a grill in many years and I don't even know if this stuff is used anymore.