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Mixx - Manasquan

While passing the former Inn on Main yesterday, I noticed papered windows and construction activity. Apparently, a new restaurant will be opening there soon. The "sign" read "Mixx, An American Bistro."

I certainly have no idea what to expect and am a bit disappointed that my dream of a Trinity/Labrador spawn (where I always ate for free) would open in the space. Nevertheless, given the state of small town New Jersey (as discussed a bit here: http//chowhound.chow.com/topics/622628 ), it's comforting to see some life coming back to my dopey hometown. We shall see . . . .

On a barely related note, Maria's recently sold as the Bertucci family is retiring from the business after 40 years. My thanks to them!

The new owner apparently intends to maintain the status quo, at least for a while. My understanding is that he previously owned a restaurant "up north" - which in Manasquan can mean anywhere from West Long Branch to Sussex County.

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  1. On Monday afternoon, nothing had changed at the Inn. By Monday night they had already started working on the space. On Tuesday, my business partner noticed that the room had been redone, with a banquette under the window, no sign at the time. By the time we went back to look, the windows had been covered with the Mixx name. They have been working on the space ever since, including Friday night at 8:00 pm.

    I also heard that Maria's had sold. I know a couple of deals had been in the works over the last year or so but all had fallen through. My source thought the new owner was from Freehold.

    In other Manasquan news, I see the former Sweet Cow location on Rte 71 is going to be a Mexican grocery and the bakery location next door is now something like the Surf Cafe, featuring muffalettas.

    The former Abby B's (near the beach) is now called Beach Monkey Bistro. According to the ad in the Coast Star, Dennis Foy is a consulting chef. They are open for breakfast 8 - 1 on Sat and Sun and 5:30 to 10 Fri - Sun for dinner. It will be interesting to see if they can make it at that location. The other 2 places there went out pretty quickly.

    Finally, the former Bayou Cafe is another place also with surf in the name. Haven't had a chance to get any additional info though people were eating breakfast there last Sunday morning.

    I hope to have some time to get to the beach this weekend to gather additional info on these two places.

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      "My source thought the new owner was from Freehold." Like I said, it's all "up north" to me!

      I am excited by these new developments, although I would imagine it to be a bit menacing for you guys (BTW - we had a very tasty Corn Chowder from the Riptide not too long ago!)

      If you do go up to the beach, take notice of the new stand by Gee Gee's - the two-part sign reads: "Sushi" on one frame and "Taco's" on the other. "Taco's what?" I was left to wonder. "Yuck!" was my next thought.

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        Had hoped to get a chance to check out a couple of these new places but did not get the time. Oh well - there is always next week (unless of course something does't last the week).

        Glad you enjoyed the soup. We make them all ourselves. Every time we think about taking soup of the menu for summer, we get a million request for it.

      2. re: missybean

        I looked at the photocopied (and poorly proofread) menu in the window at MoNKEY (formerly, Abby-B's). They purport to have a wood-burning oven and use local produce. We figure on giving them a try some weeknight - I'll risk $20 for a chance at something special.

      3. Mixx apparently opened yesterday. I had a chance to take a brief look at the menu outside the building – sort of standard New American fare. I hope they do well and look forward to trying it. In fact, we would probably go tonight if we were not fasting in anticipation of another special occasion “mercy” dinner at Trinity.

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        1. A client gave us a gift certificate yesterday and it is our intention to go soon. I will post our thoughts (though they will likely be censored). The client really enjoyed it.

          Also, Manasquan's weekly Farmer's Market began today. It's small, but you know how the song goes . . . .

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                Am I retarded? I cannot see any of your pics shabby!

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                  I Think the word you are looking for is ''chalenged'' ,by the way I can find any pix

              2. The place seems to be closed again. I'm afraid nothing seems able to survive in that spot.

                Otherwise, in Manasquan news . . .

                Remington's has lasted the summer in the former Mahogany Grille location. It appears they got the liquor license. We have not eaten there, though. Has anyone else?

                There's a new ice cream place on Main Street as well - the name escapes me. They make their ice cream on site. I liked the taste I had, but given it was only the second time in a year or two that I've eaten ice cream, I don't pretend to be a worthy judge.

                Mahogany Grille
                142 Main Street, Manasquan, NJ 08736

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                  The ice cream place is The Main Scoop. I love the name, but haven't been there yet myself. I'm an ice cream fan, and now that I know they are making their own, I'll be stopping by, maybe tonight.

                  Haven't been to Remington's either. It doesn't seem like they are open every night.

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                    I tried the new restaurant (Firefly) in the old Mixx location several times now, and I don't understand the hype. The reviews are great, but I haven't been impressed. The space is very pretty, but very loud, and the service just so-so. Has anyone had the same experience?

                    1. re: sram1

                      I can't fairly respond as we have not tried it yet. I have seen the menu, sort of accessible New American, but nothing drew me to it. Honestly, I haven't even seen any reviews.

                      1. re: MGZ

                        There is a link to Firefly's website on OpenTable.com. Unfortunately the only active link on Firefly's website is back to Opentable.com. Ain't technology grand...

                        1. re: equal_Mark

                          Open Table seems to be the only site with multiple reviews of the place and, frankly, they are pretty consistent and generic. It's as if New American cuisine was a brand new offering to most folks in this dopey little town. Which is sort of funny considering Remington's is about thirty steps away. I pass both place most nights during dinner service and, though the menus are similar, Firefly typically has two or three times as many tables occupied.

                          1. re: MGZ

                            I've seen that as well, other than the weekends. I have dined at Remingtons on several occasions and enjoyed it. That kind of brings up my original question. Their reviews are good and match the experience, where as, Firefly's doesn't. Hmmm, smells fishy. Guess I'll have to try it again! Maybe I'm missing something.

                            1. re: sram1

                              Maybe our friend Missy has been there?

                      2. re: sram1

                        We had a similar experience. It definitely was loud and the meal took forever to get through (I'm not sure if the delays in the food was service or the kitchen or a combo of both). We tried about a 6 different things at our table; a couple were pretty good and the rest just okay. That being said we'd probably go back since it's still new to us, local and there are some other things on the menu i'd like to try. Aside from the amount of time it took, it was a relatively positive experience.

                        1. re: white light

                          Ok, verdict is in. Tried it again, and it's just not good. This time we had the long wait, room was hot, service was rude, food was ok but took a long time. Won't go there again. Main Scoop was the saving grace for the evening.

                          1. re: sram1

                            I'm sorry to hear that your experience was not positive. To address your comment first about your food taking a long time; the chef puts in the menu a note about the preparation of your meal. Everything IS made to order. Nothing is waiting to be heated up or sitting half way cooked. We put this in the menu so the diner knows and understands that each meal is prepared as it is ordered. This even includes at times the chef walking out back to our very own garden to pick ingredients for your dish. We want people to relax with their wine and conversation and enjoy the experience. We are not looking to rush people out the door in order to "flip" tables like other establishments. As far as the room being hot, it is August on the Jersey Shore where temperatures have been in the 90's at night time. My establishment has sufficient air conditioning and we have no control over when the electric company performs random burn outs in times of heat waves. We do the best we can during those times, but ultimately situations like that are out of my control. I appreciate the feed back I have read on this sight. Whether negative or positive it all is taken very seriously. We have found our home in Manasquan and look forward to serving its residents for many years to come!