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Jun 3, 2009 06:36 AM

BBQ in Tidewater Va.?

Looking for a BBQ spot of note in the Tidewater area. Read about Woodchick's, but have not been yet. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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  1. I was suuuupppppperrrrrr disapointed with the quality, lack of smoke and price :-( Try it for yourself and see but in my oppinion, it wasnt worth the gas money. I really like the county grill in yorktown (the Hampton location isn't as good for some odd reason!) and Pierce's is known for it's Q in the area. There site is
    You may also be interested in this thread...hope it helps and happy eating!

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      ps did a review of woodchicks on my blog

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        FWIW, I will second County Grill.
        I really don't like Pierce's. We do like Savannah Joe's. BTW, they changed their name awhile back and haven't changed their website.

      2. Try Malbon Bros -- it is at a Citgo gas station in Virginia Beach (on general Booth Blvd). My brother raves about it.

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          Ditto. It's a drive for me, but I really love it.

        2. On Route 460 near Waverly is Cowlings BBQ. It is good and cooked on premises.

          Jone's Restaurant on West Norfolk Rd. in Churchland has a good chopped BBQ plate.

          We always liked the baby back ribs at Frankie's Place for Ribs, but I'm not sure if they are even in business anymore. Does anyone know if they are still around?

          There used to be a place called Billy's BBQ near the intersection of Providence Rd. and Sparrow Rd. in Chesapeake. My parents took us there a lot, but again, they may not be there anymore.

          There is a place on the left in Moyock, NC just across the VA line on Battlefield Blvd. that is supposed to be good as well.