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Jun 3, 2009 06:21 AM

MSP, nice dinner for vegetarians and meat eaters alike?

I'm having a few friends visit me later this month and we need a couple of nice places to go for dinner. The challenge is that one friend is vegetarian (but eats seafood) while two others are die hard meat eaters. I'd like the restaurants to have multiple options for everyone. I'd also like the entrees to be in the $15-$25 price range (or lower), but am not opposed to suggestions that go a little above if the food is just that good :)

I was thinking something along the lines of Zelo, Saffron, or Cafe Lurcat. Help?

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  1. Broders has good veggie and meat dishes if Italian is okay.

    The Craftsman always has 2-3 veggie entrees and is my favorite restaurant. They also have a good range of prices for people and an awesome patio.

    Of course there are hundreds of Asian, Indian and other ethnic places you could go.

    1. I think Zelo is a good crowd pleasing spot.

      Meritage in St Paul has Vegie and Fish options and some great red meat items as well.

      1. Jasmine 26 has great vegetarian, but is also known for it's short ribs. It also has a nice atmosphere and a full bar.

        If the online menu is to be believed, Cafe Heidi has a lot of seafood options right now, and in my experience, they don't serve duds, period.

        The goat cheese ravioli at the Red Stag is very good, and if you are going on Friday, the fish fry is solid as well. Suffice to say, the meat eaters will be taken care of.

        Between those three, you should be able to give a good idea of what the Twin Cities has to offer.

        1. i'd definitely check out heartland's "flora" and "fauna" tasting menus.

          the fish is generally really good at 112 eatery and the omnis should have fun with the rest of the menu.

          i'll second Churchka's craftsman rec as well-- omnis should love the vension & rabbit in particular, & the house-made charcuterie plate.

          i'd say saffron, but you already seem aware

          1. Both Lucia's and Cafe Levain should fit the bill. Lucia's has a changing menu posted online, so you can preview to make sure that you're getting what you want. Barbette also generally has a decent vegetarian choice.