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Jun 3, 2009 05:40 AM

Changing Scene in Downingtown

Does anyone have any info on the new restaurant replacing Fioravante's? And any experience with Firecreek.

The Downingtown scene is changing quickly, and I'm hopelessly far behind. Just getting around to trying Jasper's tomorrow night.


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  1. I have heard good things about the food at Firecreek but that it was expensive , I guess we will get around to it eventually ...We have been going to Rincon Tarasco the place kind of cattycorner to Fioravante's ......we are hooked on it a Jaspers review if you would please ...

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      Haven't been to Firecreek but heard good reviews. We did attempt to try Rincon Tarasco last week and waited 30 minutes for the waitress to come back to take our order, couldn't even get a glass of water, and finally left. I really wanted to try their food but the service was the worst I've ever seen anywhere. The young girl needs training and the owner should hire more wait staff.

      1. re: smobron

        I was disappointed in Jasper's, must have been there on an off night. Price was not excessive, but not a tremendous deal. $95 a couple (with 20% tip), each couple splitting and app and a dessert.

        Desserts were the worst. Brownies with ice cream (that my fellow diners said contained pieces of marshmallow(?!?!), mango crepe -- crepe had obviously been sitting there for a while, mangoes well under ripe, and served with ReadyWhip (!!!)).

        The young lady who served us was extremely sweet, and probably gets very good grades in high school, but was absolutely clueless on service, probably because of zero training. There were six of us. Three entrees came. A few minutes went by, then another entree came... then another a minute later ... then the last. Plates were taken away before we were finished (if we made the mistake of looking at fellow diners, rather than protecting our property). Knives were taken, but not replaced. Bread was not offered. When we asked for, it came, after a painstaking serving of one butter patty each -- with tongs and great difficulty -- before we could get the bread and sop up the sauce from the app.

        Our app was a poached egg with two baked oysters and some decent bacon. Sort of breakfasty, but not bad. It did need the bread to get most of the egg.

        Main dishes were generally fine. My halibut was fresh, with a slightly oversalted combo of corn, couscous (I think Israeli couscous), roasted tomatoes, asparagus, and (I think) a ramp or two. My wife had duck. Why they needed to serve it with pork remains a mystery to me. Others at the table were also generally happy, if a bit surprised by the combinations.

        The layout is also odd. You come in through a back door of what was once a house. You walk through a dining room with diners to get to the hostess station. The bathroom outer door does not have handles, so many of us assumed it was occupied and didn't push it. After some back and forth, we figured out all you have to do is pull the door, then go in another door (whose handle also does not turn). Some oddities in a restaurant add charm. These didn't (for me).

        In summary, decent food except desserts. But not a great dining experience. I know others have liked it, so I might chalk it up to a bad night and try again. But there are many other calls on our limited dining out opportunities right now.


        1. re: FrancisdeR

          We had the opposite experience at Jasper. Went there Thursday night and had their prix fixe dinner (they offer on Weds & Thurs and if you sign up on their e-mail list they send you the menu). It was fabulous: first an amuse bouche of a delicous crab soup, followed by spinach salad with cherries and Maytag blue cheese, House smoked salmon with asparagus and tarragon aioli, shrimp and scallop bread pudding, roasted lamb chop with fresh heirloom tomatoes and local goat cheese, and banana stuffed crepes for dessert. Everything was delicious. Service was good but not as good as the service we've had at Birchrunville or Majolica. The prix fixe cost is $40/pp and was definitely worth it.

      2. Firecreek isn't worth the money. Jasper definitely is.