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Jun 3, 2009 05:02 AM

Mackinac Island Restaurants

I have one day and night to spend on Mackinac Island, MI, and would enjoy your restaurant suggestions. I'm looking in the price range of $20 - $30 for a dinner entree. Do many of the restaurants have outside/patio seating? My husband and I are traveling with another couple, so the restaurant does not need to be family-friendly. Thanks!

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  1. There are a number of outdoor options. I recomend the Fort Mackinac Tea Room overlooking the town and harbor (open for lunch only) or the The Jockey Club overlooking the golf course, across from the Grand. Hotel

    The Village Inn is also good. It has a few tables on porch, but you have people walking next to you and horses not much farther away.

    1. The stand out in that price range by a wide margin is the Iroquois hotel. They have made the Conde Nast travelers Gold list and every time we have been there it has been nothing short of perfect. They have out door dining as well. Very quiet and right on the water. It's the only "Don't Miss" spot in either Mackinaw city or the Island IMO. They are open for lunch as well.

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        I'm with Fritter on this one! The Iroquois is a spectacular setting and the food is wonderful. We like to go sometime in the afternoon, have a drink on their beautiful patio and watch the boats go by. Then go back in the evening for dinner. We have never been disappointed. I will say that the location of their patio, while scenic, can get cool and a sweater might be needed.

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          Solid point there. If the sun is not directly out the breeze can be cool. If you ever make it for breakfast their smoked bacon is very good.

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            Ate our first meal out as newlyweds here and was really pleased. If a place can cook your steak well and as ordered, they know what theyre doing. The view in particular made it more special--we watched the moon rise over the horizon.

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          At the risk of piling (or jumping) on, the Iroquois is a hands-down solid choice. It's a "don't miss" destination.

        3. Last time on the island we ate at Mary's Bistro--on the water, and it was pretty good.