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Jun 3, 2009 04:56 AM

Old standbys: things you make at least three times a year.

There are dishes I make often, every few months, that I know by heart and love. To me these are:

Gazpacho, in the summer it is delicious and slimming. Rataouille my Dad made this he told me it was easy. Now I can sling it with the best of them. For a personal touch I love to add a dash of black truffle oil. Salty and sour eggplant and chicken my own concoction. This dish originally was just fried eggplant with vinegar, lemon juice, dill and soy sauce but now is baked and has chicken thighs added. "Southeast asian pseudo fish curry stew" I use peanut butter, spices and coconut milk, but also corn and leeks usually I add chickpeas as well and some scallops or shrimp.

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  1. Kim Chee Soup

    Any kind of Dumplings - From Duck sausage to English pea (last week's recipe!) - And if I make the soup anytime after, I'll add leftover dumplings....

    Chile Verde, mostly with Pork but sometimes chicken.

    "Twiggy Chicken" - that was my Mom's name for it - Breast pieces pounded thin, breaded, and sauteed. Usually with a variation of the Lemon/White Wine/Caper sauce, but switch to a chanterelle or morel sauce when those are in season.

    1. Pork and/or chicken adobo
      Kheema (ground beef curry, though I've been using ground turkey more often)
      Lamb chops
      Roast chicken a la Bouchon
      Thai red curry
      Crisp wok-fried fish
      Peanut noodle salad
      Oden (Japanese hot pot)
      Tofu noodle salad
      Sinigang na baboy (pork ribs in tamarind broth)
      Pernil (Puerto Rican pork shoulder)
      Cilbir (Turkish poached eggs)
      Spicy eggs with oyster sauce
      Avocado ice cream

      1. Any number of pasta dishes come to mind: mushroom pasta with porcini, oyster mushrooms, shiitake, etc.; seafood pasta with white wine sauce, or a lamb >gasp< bolognese(-style!!), or spicy Asian peanut noodles.

        Potato gratin, mom's recipe. Always a winner, super-easy (if a PITA up until soon when I will be inaugurating my mandoline) to make, and just delicious.

        Greek salad. OK, no big skills involved here '-D

        Stir-frys of all kinds. Oh yeah, Thai curry (red or green).

        1. Rhubarb crisp- usually wing it re: the crumb mix. I've made 3 versions in the past month.

          Chicken enchiladas with roasted tomatillo green sauce- when I made them last week, I made a stacked version.

          Seafood stew- this is an improv dish, depending on what's available and fresh, but I make a version of seafood stew a couple times a month and serve it with rice- the mixture of fish always changes, sometimes I add coconut milk, sometimes tomatoes, sometimes jalapenos.

          Chicken curry- lately I've been alternating between Thai red curry chicken and West Indian chicken curry.

          rack of lamb or lamb chops with rosemary