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ISO BBQ in St. Louis, MO

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  • vlad Jun 2, 2009 11:39 PM
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Stopping into St. Louis for one day this July - will be staying at an airport hotel. Any recommended BBQ joints?

I have heard Roper's is excellent. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

Roper's Ribs
6929 W Florissant Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63136

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  1. Pappy's Smokehouse. Accept no substitutes. Check the many earlier threads on this subject.

    Pappy's Smokehouse
    3106 Olive St, St Louis, MO

    1. If you are in St. CHarles, Lil Mickey's is very good. I have never been to Ropers. Not sure where it is.
      Richard's Ribs in Kirkwood is also pretty good.


      1. Awesome. Thanks.