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Jun 2, 2009 11:16 PM

What varieties of rice do you like to keep on hand?

I keep jasmine rice (Trader Joe's organic), and we usually have some basmati around. Also for 'emergencies' the Trader Joe's steamer bag (3 minutes) of jasmine, but no it's nowhere near as good at the long-cook kind. I have some black glutinous rice now that I've been wanting to try.

But I realized, I don't have a plain white rice around or a brown. If I was to attempt a risotto or paella, I'd go buy that for the special occasion.

What varieties do you like to keep on hand, for what kind of uses? And brand/type preferences?

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  1. I recently bought a bag of Umbrella brand brown Thai jasmine rice at a small thai grocery. The cooking directions are for rice cookers or microwave. It cooks up in 19 minutes in the microwave. We love the taste. Otherwise I usually get Lundberg rice mixtures. They have several different mixes of rice types. They seem much tastier than a plain brown rice.
    For speedy meals I always have Near East brand rice pilaf on hand. Our preferred version is to throw in a cup of frozen green peas about 5 minutes before the rice is done.
    My husband likes brown sticky rice but we use it instead of white rice when having a stir fry.
    I've tried the frozen rice from Schwan's home food service but didn't care for it. I've decided that if dinner needs to be cooked in a hurry, then I should cook the rice in the morning if it's a brown rice like Lundberg that needs 40 minutes on the stove. Then refrigerate until meal time.

    1. "riso dragoni" carnaroli extra fine rice, arborio for risotto
      basmati for indian food -- aged pakistani rice from the indian shop -- not the cheapest, not the most expensive -- usually with an elephant on the bag.
      "uncle ben's natural whole grain brown rice" - general everyday rice
      long grain white rice ("mahatma"?) -- chicken and rice, thai & vietnamese food
      "near east" brand wild & brown rice pilaf -- to serve with chicken or beef
      "kokoho rose" -- sushi
      "goya" (maybe "mahatma", too) yellow rice mix -- faux paella, chicken & rice
      no jasmine rice in the house right now.

      my brother in law loves the "knorr-lipton" "cajun sides" dirty rice mix.

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        I can't live without:
        Near East Rice Pilaf

      2. I like to keep a short grain brown rice on hand--Lundberg usually, a carnaroli or arborio for risotto, and some wild rice. Others like basmati or sushi rice I pick up as needed. We have rice at least once a week and often several times a week.