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Looking for a place that does cooking parties for a moms' night out. Maybe one of those that you can pick up some recipes and/or actually pack food/ingredients home. Any suggestions? Burlingame or San Mateo area will be ideal. Thanks so much.

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  1. My friends did Kitchen on Fire in Berkeley and really enjoyed it, but it's dinner (with wine?) there, nothing to take home. I think their menu was salmon croquettes, kobe burgers, and molten chocolate cake.

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      I've also done Kitchen on Fire with the office a few years back as our Christmas party and the menu was butternut squash soup, vietnamese spring rolls w/ a peanut dipping sauce, salmon en croute, and the molten chocolate cake. It was actually a lot of fun as as were competing for some prize I don't remember and the wine was flowing freely. Great staff.

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        happen to know of any in/near san mateo?

    2. Are you referring to the places where you put together meal ingredients then take them home and they're ready to go? I googled Dream Dinners in Belmont -