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Jun 2, 2009 07:42 PM

Cheap eats near Fenway before the game?

Hi we're looking for "cheap" "good" eats near Fenway before the big game where the Sox will crush the Yanks.


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  1. Hot dogs at the Lower Depths.
    Tacos at La Verdad.
    A sausage from a vendor outside.
    Maybe UBurger?

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    1. re: rknrll

      I'd have to agree with the Hot Dogs at Lower Depths along with their great beer selection!

    2. I generally go to either Bukowskis or Dillons and avoid the crowds. Bukowskis has a good solid mac & cheese, as well as wonderful ,sweet potato fries. At Dillions I would go for a burger.

      1. UBurger and India Quality, both in Kenmore Square.

        1. All the places mentioned are very good. However, before a Sox game they tend to be impossibly crowded.

          I have found that the Hong Kong House chinese restaurant at the Howard Johnson's on Boylston St. is really very good. It seems to go unnoticed by the crowds, though. It's usually easy enough to get a table without a wait, or a very short wait, even on game days.

          1. India quality is good, the church is a good place to avoid crowds, it has decent food and isn't too expensive.