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Jun 2, 2009 06:21 PM

Fun Spot for a 20 something's Birthday Dinner in LA?

Looking for a fun/kitschy/entertaining place for a dinner for 5-10 mid 20-30 somethings in LA. I'd like the food to be good and fairly inexpensive, but most importantly I'd like it to be a fun time and not your average sit down dinner & drinks. We have some veggies in the party so no Brazilian Steakhouses please!

For a reference...something like The Stinking Rose meets Ed Debevic's meets Medieval I asking for too much?

Any help would be amazing...thank you!

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  1. For my 25th birthday I went with some friends to Palms Thai in Thai Town. It's a not-too-highly priced Thai restaurant with decent food, but the main attraction is the Thai Elvis impersonator who performs on the stage at the front. At some point in the evening other servers went up and sang a song or two.

    I will say though - make sure you ask them to reserve you a table near the stage. It's a sizeable place and can get noisy, and since we were in the back we only paid cursory attention to the show.

    1. I agree Palms Thai could be fun.

      For a Moroccan feast with belly dancers, there's Mouns of Tunis or Dar Maghreb.

      is Jazz too boring... Vibrato Jazz and Grill in Bel Air

      Not quite kitchy, but good for a group, Musha in Santa Monica

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      1. The Dresden in Los Feliz might work for fun and not great, but you can't beat the atmosphere

        1. "...The Stinking Rose meets Ed Debevic's meets Medieval Times..." equals Tokyo Delve

          Tokyo Delve's Sushi Bar
          5239 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601

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                Not if you go early. 6 to 8 is all ages.

          1. i think that the Rainbow Bar and Grill would be a fun time for a Bday party...rather than just a typical sit down restauraunt. I've only been there once with a couple people, but it's a cool atmosphere . Lots of crazy heavy metal people . The Pizza is pretty good, they have a full Italian menu. Plus theres at least a couple different bars within the restaurant and they have bands play upstairs too...and you are right on the Sunset Strip as well.