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Jun 2, 2009 06:11 PM

Metropolitan Wine Bar

This place always has a ton of people on the weekends, especially at brunch. Courtney and I, seeing the crowds, tried it out a few times. I fail to see the attraction.

What we do like -- the extensive and well thought out beer list, although they're often out of some of them. We had the onion rings twice. Decent, large onion rings, but the best part was the dipping sauce -- spicy and delicious. At least the first time -- the second time it was little better than thousand island dressing.

So far we've had a couple of burgers, an oyster sandwich, a steak sandwich, and a steak salad. Nothing was awful (except for one problem I'll get to in a minute), but nothing was really great either, especially for what seem to be pretty high prices -- burgers and sandwiches all seem to run in the $10-12 range.

The service is never more than acceptable, and sometimes downright annoying. We've always sit outside and feel totally ignored most of the time. On our last visit the waitress asked me twice if I wanted another beer after forgetting that I'd said "yes" the first time. Courtney's salad had brown and old greens in it. When she complained, the waitress at first tried to blame it on her, saying that it must have been the dressing. When Courtney pointed out that she'd been dipping the salad in the dressing rather than pouring it over the top, she replied "well, sorry" and walked away. No offer was made to adjust the bill.

I dunno. I kind of want to like this place. It's a nice space, it's close to my house, it's got great outdoor seating and a very nice beer selection. But the not great food and inattentive to obnoxious service make it unlikely that we'll return.

Can anyone give me a good reason to go to Metropolitan? Or are we better off just not going back?

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  1. Jon, I agree 100% percent. I can only give two good reasons to go to Metropolitan: (1) the beer list and (2) outdoor seating. I have been multiple time and the food has always been unremarkable and slightly over priced.

    And maybe my expectations are off due to the excellent One World Cafe that used to occupy the space, but their coffee service is inconsistent at best. I've had some down right disappointing espresso from that place.

    That place could really take off if they installed a decent kitchen operation. I guess I keep going back periodically in hopes that they have.

    1. Go to Spoons instead. Right around the corner, great brunch, no outdoor seating but the coffee is better IMO. No booze...but they're working on that from what I hear.

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        I thought Spoons did have booze? Beer and wine is on the menu and I've seen it in the fridges, although I've never ordered one.

      2. The original comment has been removed