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Jun 2, 2009 06:01 PM

Recommendations for Younge/King Street

Hi - Heading to Toronto for the first time this weekend. Looking for any/all recommendations for favorites to walk to in this area. I'm planning on hitting the Luminato festival and nearby museums, etc. Any and all lunch/dinner suggestions appreciated. I'm traveling by myself so looking for places that are great for single dining. Not too fancy, just looking for the don't miss, best of best. Thanks.

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  1. If you're planning to be around Yonge Dundas Square, check out the Senator Diner on Victoria St. Great food and cool retro atmosphere.

    1. Welcome to Toronto! You'll have a great time, Yonge and King is a great spot to be in terms of walkable destinations, and if you hop on the TTC subway your range will expand greatly.

      If you're staying at the King Eddy, the Beer Bistro is roughly across the street, at King E and Victoria. As a solo diner you could sit and eat/drink in the bar area. They have a vast beer selection and good quality food, most of which is cooked with beer.

      A block northeast on Adelaide is Terroni, housed in a nice historic courthouse building, for pizza and pasta (though they are often maligned for their strict "no-substitutions" policies so pass if you have allergies or are a picky eater, I guess).

      The St. Lawrence Market is a short walk away, just head southeast to Jarvis and Front. This is a great place for a quick quality lunch... the Carousel Bakery's peameal bacon sandwiches are tasty and popular; you can order the same in a sit-down environment with beer at Paddington's Pump, the little diner attached to the market. Buster's Cove seafood/fish and chips is also decent (at the back of the market) as is the Chinese Deli and Moustachio's Sandwiches on the lower floor. Note that the Market is closed Sundays and Mondays.

      Last but not least, on Church St. south of Front there is the Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar (JKWB) which is consistently raved about on this board. Attached to it is a small cafe called Hank's, with excellent coffee and sandwiches, etc.

      Beer Bistro
      18 King St. E, Toronto, ON M5C 1C4, CA

      Jamie Kennedy
      9 Church St, Toronto, ON M5E1M2, CA

      St. Lawrence Market
      92 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E, CA

      57 Adelaide St E, Toronto, ON M5C1K6, CA

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        Was at Beer Bistro last night...very Gary said, lots of interesting beers (and ciders etc.) and the food is very good...

        1. re: Gary

          Second the idea of JKWB for a solo diner. Hank's next door (the cafe right beside JKWB), is great for coffee/sandwiches/pastries, too.

          1. re: phoenikia

            Hank's is great.

            I would also add Starfish, if you are into seafood. It is at Adelaide b/w Jarvis and Church.

          2. re: Gary

            Hello again!! Everyone thanks so much for your suggestions. I have printed everything and will give it all my best shot. It is possible to be a chowhound and a picky eater? Thanks goodness I'm not! Many thanks...I'm just starting to work with some new clients next week so I'm looking forward to many more trips. Cheers,

            1. re: Gary

              For Italian in the Yonge/King area, you could also do Mirto at the corner of Toronto St. and Adelaide, half a block from Terroni and a million miles away in attitude, hospitality and ambience. They have a fairly short menu but they do it well and there is sufficient variety with several pastas, pizzas and mains along with appetizers and desserts. You'll feel your business is valued and they will take their cue from you if you'd prefer to be left alone or prefer to chat. As a solo diner you can sit at the bar but also wouldn't feel out of place at a table. And of course, substitutions and dietary accomodations are graciously accomodated. I'd strongly recommend it over the trendier Terroni.

              1. re: Gary

                Since you'll be in the neighborhood, I'll also offer my 2 cents on 73 Stirs, a few steps east of the King Edward hotel on King. It's new and has potential but I can't recommend it, at least not yet.

                They're still finding their feet and I'm hoping I can blame bad service on the newness and keep hoping they'll get better. (Service example - last time I was there, on the third time that the waitress interrupted me midsentence, just barging in to ask how everything is without noticing we were having a conversation, we gently pointed out to her that we'd prefer that she approach and then wait for a break in conversation or at least the end of a sentence... Her response was to inform us that she was performing a quality check. Didn't get the message that the quality of the service she was providing was bad because she kept barging in without notice. Oh well.)

                Food has been ok but not great the few times I've been in, and they have some interesting items with unique takes on classics. I find a lot of the menu items are trying too hard and would do better with a couple fewer ingredients but that's personal preference.

              2. P.J O'Briens for an authentic Guiness and one of the tastiest burgers in town

                1. A good place for Belgian waffles is Le Petit Dejeuner ( and a great espresso bar on Sherbourne, just north of King called Bisogno. Also you can check out Mengrai Thai (Ontario street, just south of Queen) or get delivery from Sukhothai (

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                    Le Petit Dejeuner is a good call for everything brunch... Amazing eggs benny! About a 10-15 min walk from Yonge.

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                      Just went by Le Petit Dejeuner on Sunday morning. The food was great, but the portions were more French sized than Belgian. They're also open for dinner during the week and I had a lovely, generous portion of Moules Frites a few months back that was definitely worth going back for.