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Jun 2, 2009 05:51 PM

NJ Bergen/Passaic Bat Mitzvah Venues

My daughter will be bat mitzvah in April 2010, We're looking for a nice place for @100 people. It will be an afternoon affair. Any venue suggestions in the Bergen Passaic area would be appreciated as long as they do not break the bank , have a dance floor, and are not terribly tacky.

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  1. Does it need to be a Kosher Affair? If not, The Landmark on Rt 17 in Rutherford does do Bat Mitzvahs- If you invite 80 adults, 50 kids are free.. That would not break the bank. The food, although not gourmet, is decent for a Bat Mitzvah. My kids went ot quite a few there.
    If it is Kosher, then I can give you some names of places alos that allow you to Bring in Caterers. You can also check out hotels- they do a great job, and will also give you a break on room prices for out of town guests.

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      Thanks, IHmom. It does not have to be kosher but I wont have ham or bacon. I've been to the Landmark and I'm not crazy about that place. Any other suggestions?

    2. i don't know about the prices, but i've been to nice & tasteful bar mitzvahs & weddings at the Rockleigh

      and though it's been MANY years (more than i'd care to count!), many of my friends had theirs at Gatsby's in Cresskill back in the day...

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        Re: Gatsby's......I believe the property has recently been leveled.

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          that's so sad! their website is still active so i had no idea.

      2. Has anybody been to the Empire Club, Ramsey Country Club, Assembly East Hill or Tides?

        1. Has anybody been to an event at the Empire Club in Little Ferry, Assembly East Hill in Closter, Tides in North Haledon, Ramsey Country Club, or Macaluso's in Hawthorn?

          1. I've been to a wedding at Ramsey Country Club and it would be a lovely place for a Bat Mitzvah. The food, while not fabulous or fancy, was very good. I'd also look at Seasons in Washington Township.

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              Thank you, Nancy. Ramsey is such a lovely place but until your comment, I'd never heard anything about the food . What kind of food did Ramsey have? What was good and what was not so good? We had an anniversary party for my parents at Seasons and the food was excellent as was the service but it's a little too much of a party factory for me. Ramsey seemed more intimate, less bombastic.