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Jun 2, 2009 05:24 PM

You have to pick up dinner tonight

for 4 people, no more than $40 - GO!!

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  1. Philip's BBQ
    Pretty much any Asian
    Dos Burritos (my current craving) - Hollywood/Vine location only!!
    A dozen tacos from a taco truck?

    1. 2 orders of Mac and Cheese from Tavern. $32.00. Best Mac and Cheese anywhere. Throw in a salad and dessert and I guess you can get to $40.00

      1. any two dinners from shamshiri grill. you could easily throw in an appetizer combination plate and still not break budget.

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        1. re: westsidegal

          I vote for this option. This has to be the best.

          Now why haven't I been there in way too long?! Must plan a trip. (The lamb fesenjan and panir al sabzi appetizer are my favorites. That and the rose ice cream.)

        2. innumerable choices within that price range at TAQUERIA SANCHEZ. of course, since they close early, you would have needed to pick up before now.

          also, one pizza and an order of pasta from THE GOOD PIZZA in westchester (emerson north of 80th).

          two pasta dishes and a salad at C&O CUCINA or C&O TRATTORIA

          tons of choices at SAMOSA HOUSE on washington.

          also, many choices at BOMBAY GROCERY in lomita on pch.

          2 super burritos from THE SPOT in hermosa beach