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Jun 2, 2009 05:18 PM

Early morning eats/good coffee joints near New Orleans Marriott?

I'm excited to be heading to NOLA next week for work! Unfortunately, my days will be packed and the only real time I'll have a chance to go "exploring" or taste the wonderful cuisine of New Orleans is early in the morning (my days will be begin at 730am).

Are there any places within walking/jogging distance to the New Orleans Marriott (on Canal) for good breakfasts or coffee? Also, they'd have to be open relatively early. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated! Thank you!

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  1. i vote for cafe du monde. it's open early (24 hours) and has a good cup of coffee. the negative is a limited menu. they only offer one food item, but it's a very tasty item. some of my best experiences there were when i worked in the french quarter and went for coffee and beignets very early, sometimes before sunrise. it's a very quiet but interesting scene down there early in the morning. often i would take my order to go and head up to the moonwalk to watch the sun rise over the river. if you're unfamiliar with cafe du monde's location, it's an easy walk or jog from the marriot. i would suggest taking chartres from canal to jackson square and then crossing the square to get to cafe du monde.

    even closer to your hotel is mena's palace. it's a no-frills, locals place, more popular for lunch than breakfast, but it has a solid, basic breakfast and opens at 6:30.

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      Surrey's Juice bar on Magazine is a great early morning restaurant. It's 1.2 miles from your hotel. Map quest mentioned it was a 25 minute walk down magazine street. here's a link