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Jun 2, 2009 05:03 PM

KCMO- Cupcake ala Mode

This place is my favorite for cupcakes. They don't dry them out in a refrigerator. The flavors are inventive and the presentation is great. Perfect to gift or take to a party. We're trying the stuffed French toast, chocolate mint, chocolate bella (nutella) and the pina colada this time. The raspberry lemonade and s'mores cupcakes are always delicious. It's on 47th just up from the Plaza. Ok- I had to taste a couple after writing that. I must admit the stuffed french toast sounded a little dubious to me, but it's outstanding and by far the best yet.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Come on guys- we're seriously trying to get our cupcake on. Babycakes, Chacko's, The Sweet Guy and Dolce Bakery have been tried, but I want to know what flavors are people's favs and of new places to try. Thanks! (if you're from the Lou, we're there alot as well.)

      1. I dont care for babycakes. Chackos has terrible customer service.
        Sweet guy - only been for lunch and it was decent. Had a salad which took forever despite the 4 employees and 5 customers.
        Dolce is really tasty and next to Starbucks so you can hit two in one and avoid Starbucks pastries but get coffee...
        new places? not sure...cupcakes are kind of on their way out, so I hope all these places stay in business. I think Ala Mode has great chance because they have their act together and a good location over babycakes.

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          In the food world I work in cupcakes aren't on their way out at all. I make tons and tons of cupcakes, mini, medium and large. People don't seem to be tired of them yet.

          Cupcake ala Mode is excellent. Haven't been to Babycakes.

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            I've been to Chacko's many times, and the service has always been quite good.

          2. I love Babycakes, especially the orange creamsicle cupcakes. They are close enough to walk for work, and I've made a couple runs over there to procure cupcakes "for medicinal purposes" when we've had a particularly trying afternoon.

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              Orange creamsicle sounds really good right now...