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Jun 2, 2009 03:43 PM

Delicieux Xiang?

This restaurant was reviewed quite positively in the Hour a few weeks ago ( ) but the board's silent on it. Since we seem to have quite a few spicy-Chinese-food-lovers around here, I was wondering if anyone else has been and has any opinions to add.

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  1. I went there after the Hour review to get some take-out and I was not at all impressed. Maybe I didn't order the right dishes, but I don't think I want to find out. The yu-xiang eggplant was allright if a little bland, but the ma-po tofu was just bad. It was just tofu in a red broth. No meat, no chili bean paste, no sichuan peppercorn, no flavour. A very flat and boring one-note dish. It was the worst version of this dish I've ever had. On top of that the rice was mushy.

    1. Dam it Janet! (sorry I had to get that out of my system. The Time Warp and all) I also tried it and found it lacking. Sort of one demensional fodd, spice and ingrediant wise.

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        I've just been to this place, on my first visit to Montreal. I am no expert on Szechuan cuisine, but I have eaten some in the UK and have started cooking some Szechuan dishes at home, so I now know a little about it. Maybe the chef has changed, but we had a lovely meal which compared well to the dishes we have had in the UK. Their hotpot (we had the beef) was great - I think they describe it as "boiled beef in a spicy sauce" or something along those lines. It managed to be both light and have a good depth of flavour - as well as a decent chillli kick. The green beans with minced pork were as they should be, as was the home style pork. Each dish complemented each other. Please do give it another try - either previous posters were unlucky or the chef has changed.