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Monte Cristo Sandwich...in search of (in OC or close)

I love a good Monte Cristo…cheesy gooey goodness surrounded by smokey meats encased in crispy golden breaded goodness! My fav is one pared with a raspberry jam! Ahhhhh….any suggestions of somewhere to get this guilty pleasure in Orange County? Jerrys Deli is okay at best and Disnelyland has a decent one but I don’t want to go to Disney for a sandwich. Help!

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  1. Dick Church's at the corner of Newport Blvd and Mesa Drive in Costa Mesa has one.
    It is a friends treat to themselves if they are going to the airport.

    http://dickchurchrestaurant.com/sandw... just ask for the jam !!
    (Although i dont think they deep fry them )

    1. Park Bench Cafe on Goldenwest in Huntington Beach serves the Monte Cristo with raspberry jam.
      Park Bench is located at Central Park and is a dog-friendly restaurant. All seating is outside in the lovely ambience of the park. They have a special menu for dogs.

      In October, I take my Molly to Church for the Feast of St Francis of Assisi and her annual blessing. Then we go to lunch. She gets blessed once a year and I live on the edge by having my annual Monte Cristo!

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          I concur. We often make the trip down there just for that sandwich.

        2. I saw it on the lunch menu at The Winery at The District in Tustin (which by the way is an incredible place that I highly recommend), but I didn't try it, because the Niman Ranch Pork Sandwich looked so good (and was).

          http://www.thewineryrestaurant.net/ The online menu shows it as Croque Monsieur - Smoked Ham, Vine Ripened Tomato, Cave Aged Gruyere. YMMV.

          The Winery Restaurant
          2647 Park Ave, Tustin, CA 92782

          1. The origanl Balboa Bay Yacht Club served a fabulous Monte Cristo sandvich (that John Wayne liked very much). I don't know if it is still on the menu.