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Jun 2, 2009 02:52 PM

Delivery- Baked Goods- Cookies/Cupcakes ETC

I'm down in New Orleans but have a family member in the hospital in Boston...looking for a good place that will deliver cookies/baked goods etc to the Children's Hospital for me..

Also- if you have any food rec's in that area- I'm sure those sitting bedside would love a break from hospital food for some quick bites.


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  1. Dining In and Night Owl are 2 of the main restaurant delivery services in Boston that deliver from a lot of restaurants. I believe Finale, althoough not great but not bad, is a desert place one of them delivers from. Last year, I did the same thing for relatives in Sarasota, FL. and they really appreiated it after having hospital food for weeks. (The patient wasn't under any dietary restrictions).. You enter the zip code and the sites will tell you what restaurants deliver to that area and how long it will take once ordered.

    1. Try a courier service...they might deliver some pastries from the North End for you....those guys whiz around town with all sorts of boxes on their bikes!

      1. There's a nice business in Boston called which will do things like pick up and deliver cupcakes, etc. In fact, many of the errands seem to involve picking up food and delivering the order. So if you have your heart set on your friends getting something special but the spot does not deliver, check them out. Friends of mine have used this service and rave about it.

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          I've also heard raves about ....sounds like a great to just choose your treats!