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Jun 2, 2009 02:42 PM

Healthy Meal Planning

I'm in need of ideas for weekly meal planning that is not too much for just 2.

I am okay with having leftovers for the next day only or a dish that I can freeze & my husband can take it to work & reheat.

I am trying to reduce my waste & lose a few pounds.

Any ideas?


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  1. i'll answer your question with a question, if you don't mind: what do you guys LIKE?

    i live in a three person household (my SO, dog and me) and common everyday meals for us are:

    1. grilled fish / chicken / beef / pork / calamari served over salad. toss in a baked potato or roll if you need starches. the meat can be marinated in any number of ways. we do lemon chicken/fish/calamari, teriyaki anything, korean sesame beef, cider and brown sugar pork... LOTS of options for preparations. instead of grilling, you could of course pan fry or bake. slice meat into thin slices. it should be a salad garnish, not the main event.

    2. lettuce wraps. boston lettuce leaves wrapped around rice (make a pot at the beginning of the week, reheat throughout the week) and ground chicken or pork stirfried with veggies and herbs. google "thai chicken wraps" for a recipe you like.

    3. noodles. take the same ground chicken or pork prep and toss with rice noodles (wide, celophane, anything).

    4. spaghetti / fettucini. we've been tossing it with just barely pan-cooked tomatoes, garlic, fresh shredded basil, olive oil. it's wonderful. (i eat with rice noodles since i'm wheat intolerant)

    5. there's always the classic vat of soup if it's not too hot to make a batch where you are, or make a cold soup. just serve that with a good loaf of bread, follow with a cheese and fruit plate for dessert. i freeze about half of the leftovers and have it once a week for the next month. the other half goes in our lunch pails.

    6. when i make risotto, i make a big ol' pot and serve it as a side throughout the week. some people dislike leftover risotto because of the softer texture, but i love it! you can make pretty healthy, low fat versions. (not healthy, of course, if you need to cut back on carbs... we need them so for us, risotto is a good thing.) also very freezeable.

    7. since you're in the SW where it's easy to find tortillas, you could always prepare a simple filling for soft tacos or fajitas and wrap you own. up the veggie to meat ratio for something healthier.

    8. i make corn tortilla doohickys in a pan or the oven with sliced tomato topped with some sort of cheese (shredded mozarella, queso blanco, etc...), sprinkled with some sort of herb (cilantro, basil, etc...) right before serving. pan cook (dry heat, no oil) or broil until the tortilla is crispy and the cheese is melted. eat ASAP. a southwestern corn and bean salad would make a good side.

    a lot of these are kind of cop-out meals as you can see, but it keeps us fed!

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      1. Did you see this thread: Challenge: feed two for a week on $80 in nyc That person was more averse to leftovers, but the suggestions there were quite good.

        1. I agree with cimui...we need more information please. What do you like? What DON'T you like?Any food allergies? Etc.... Thanks! (my standard response to those who are trying to lose weight is to: #1--eat smaller portions #2--move around or exercise more.) But you may be seeking out delicious ways to eat healthy, also...hopefully, we'll be able to help out!

          1. You say you want healthy meal planning, so the easiest way to accomplish this on a regular basis is to make green, orange, red and yellow vegetables the star /main ingredient of each meal. Use fats and meats and nuts sparingly, and starches in moderation. Let's say broccoli is on sale. You can peel & chop it into bite size pieces and steam, then toss half in butter & lemon juice and serve on pasta or a small baked potato with some toasted pine nuts or walnuts and a sprinkling of salty hard cheese. Pan fry/sautee a piece of meat and slice thin and use half of that. The other half of the steamed brocoli, can be tossed/marinated in an asian-flavored salad dressing along with the remaining sliced meat and added into a tossed green salad with cashews and shredded carrots for lunch the next day.

            Roasted green beans can be chopped into 1" lengths and made the centerpiece of a Thai style lettuce wrap, or part of a salad Nicoise, or wrapped up whole in a thin slice of ham, set atop some garlic mashed potatoes with a lemon-butter-caper sauce drizzled over. Or same thing with asparagus.