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Jun 2, 2009 02:21 PM

Enoteca on Court St

For some reason the thread was removed on this, but CH sent me the text of my post to repost, so here goes ;)

My husband and I went to Enoteca tonight and
sat in the back garden. We had an absolutely wonderful time. The food
was delicious and we sampled many things ---- mozzerella/tomato salad,
gnocchi with gorgonzola, veal polpette, spicy pork bruschetta,
pancetta bruschetta, taleggio/mozzerella/olive/mushroom/braesola
pizza, and vanilla ice cream. The stand outs were the gnocchi (really
a wonderful combo, the gnocchi with the gorgonzola), the pizza, and
the ice cream. Honestly it was really all great....I think I would
prefer a softer, creamier mozzerella but that's about the only fault I
can come up with. Oh, and serving bread from that brick oven (though I
actually don't mind that we didnt fill up on bread) to mop up things
like the polpette sauce. I really appreciated the interesting pizza
toppings they've come up with. We're very interested in sampling ice
creams at the moment, as we've started to make our own at home, and
their vanilla was superb.....the chef told us their equipment comes
from Italy and the chef learned his art there. It shows, I'd love to
know how they got such a perfect texture.

Service was very attentive. Our server was extremely pleasant and
accommodating and the exec. chef came out for a chat (it was a quiet
evening, as it was a monday) about the meal. Apparently most of the
menu is made in cream, cured meats, etc. The patio is
really lovely too.

What a great addition to the neighborhood.

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  1. what block on court is enoteca on?

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    1. My wife and I tried out Enoteca last night, and we thought it was fine, though the overall experience was far from wonderful. First, the highlights: The pizza was great. We got the plain margarita, which almost hit the perfect crisp-and-chewy combo (could have been a touch crisper). A fried-then-baked eggplant dish was also excellent, but the baked veal meatballs were simultaneously oily and mealy—a far cry from Bocca Lupo's perfect iteration of the dish. We started with a spinach, pear and mushroom salad, which was fine, if a little overdressed.

      As for the wine, we started with two flights—the red ($10) and white ($8) Italian flights. The selection of whites was very nice, but the reds were virtually indistinguishable—all were medium-bodied and too dry. We wanted to continue with a bottle of red that had more fruit and sweetness, so we told the server what we were looking for and asked for her suggestions. She said she would get the manager, which sounded fine. But instead of coming by to talk about various options, he simply emerged with bottle in hand, assuring us that we would love it. We did not—again, it was a really dry medium-bodied Italian red. It was also $5 more than what we said we wanted to spend. This place bills itself as a wine bar, yet the wine service was probably the most unpleasant part of our evening. (Our service was otherwise very good.)

      The worst, though, was the music. No joke, they were playing WPLJ—insipid pop hits from the '80s and '90s—at an obtrusively loud volume. Taylor Swift is not invited to dinner at our house, and I'd rather not have her join us when we're out.

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      1. re: ScienceMike

        haha I agree about the odd music choices

        the veal meatballs were really tasty the night we went, so I'm surprised.

        we went for sparkling italian wine so we didn't experience the rest of their wine service...though I agree that's pretty odd if it's a wine bar ;)

        we're going back tonight with a friend of ours, so i'll report back on how the second visit goes :)

        1. re: Nehna

          We went back last night for an equally good experience. Actually better in that the exec chef remembered us and was particularly kind in bringing us bruschetta to start and when the 3 of us just ordered one vanilla gelato for dessert (we were stuffed but wanted our friend to try it) they graciously split that onto 3 amuse bouche style spoons and added fresh fruit and also brought us a free few slices of nutella dessert pizza they wanted us to try.

          The meatballs were delicious again as far as the 3 of us were maybe it was an off night ScienceMike. They weren't remotely oily or mealy.

          Oh it wasn't trashy music last night, so maybe they took the hint on that one. It wasn't so loud either.

          The owner's father from Marco Polo also wandered around making sure everyone was happy, giving it a very family-owned feel.

          1. re: Nehna

            Good to hear. Sounds like we should give it another try.

      2. We called thinking we were calling Marco Polo take out. We ordered two pizzas, a margarita and (even though not on the menu) a marinara pie. They were excellent pies. I will certainly be calling again!

        1. We went this weekend. Husband and I had some bruschetta and a bufala mozzarella pizza, along with 4 glasses of wine. The pizza was really fantastic. This is not brooklyn-style pizza -- it's much more in line with a purer neapolitan style. The ingredients and flavor are very good, with very flavorful cheese and a perfect crust.

          The bruschetta was also good, though less exciting.

          The wine list needs a little work. It's well-priced and they have a lot of options, but most of them are really ho-hum and there's very little interesting or small-production wine -- just big industrial producers. This really only matters to wine geeks -- everyone else should find the list more than adequate, I think.

          The backyard is a really lovely place to sit and the owners were extremely kid-friendly when we went, around 6PM.

          We liked it and we'll be back.

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          1. re: oolah

            It's weird, I think some well-known manhattan sommelier supposedly put the wine list together but I agree it's kind of boring for a wine bar. I hope they work on it.

            They are extremely kid friendly, I agree. Both visits our little boy was with us in his stroller. Seems to be getting some buzz too as on a thursday night the dining room got quite full.

            1. re: Nehna

              Yeah, it was full when we were there too, with our 1-year-old in his stroller. There were a few other families with (well-behaved) kids there as well. The customers were a nice mix of old-school and new-school carroll gardens.

              I should also add that the music was unobtrusive. I think it was some kind of mallternative radio station, but it was not very loud at all. Seems like they've figured that part out.

              1. re: oolah

                Was there yesterday - Michael Bolton at painful volume interspersed with commercials for tanning salons and theme parks. If they didn't have a garden to sit in would NEVER go back here. Too bad as the prices are reasonable, the wine list well curated and the food is solid. A for concept, C- for execution until they turn off the craprock.

          2. Deal alert: Free pizza with your pint at the Enoteca bar. This is like the deal they have at Alligator Lounge, except at Enoteca, the 5" margherita pizza you get with your $5 pint is phenomenal. Apparently, every component is house-made, and it's cooked in their big fancy brick oven.

            I had never been to Enoteca before last week, when I spotted this deal on their chalkboard out on the sidewalk in front. I went back later that night and was really glad I did. I encourage all hounds to take advantage of this deal before it's gone!

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            1. re: Puppimus

              Were they playing the same awful music at ear-splitting volume as temasek mentioned in the June 17 post? We were there in October and it was a real problem. Our waiter said there was no way to turn it down. How could they not have volume control? Food and wine were great (we each had wine flights, which were very interesting). Pizza was great too but we haven't really been interested in going back because the loud, bad music was just too much.

              1. re: LED

                The music was (unintentionally?) hilarious: I'd call it the best/worst of the 80s. Must have been a radio station, because I don't think anyone would include some of the songs we heard on a compilation and play them in their restaurant intentionally . Anyway, the music made for some funny moments, and it was not too loud. They must have finally heard everyone's pleas for mercy.