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Pepsi or Mountain Dew Throwback (sugar)

Made with real sugar and not corn syrup. Anyone seen the Throwback for sale in Austin? 7/11 on South Lamar seems to not have it...

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  1. I haven't tried the Mountain Dew throwback, but I have had the Pepsi, and it is wonderful!
    Unfortunately, the one store I had found it at, the Tetco on Jollyville was out last night when I went. Hopefully we get some more reports.

    1. I found some at Target on South Lamar.

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        I saw it at the Target in Southpark Meadows a couple weeks ago

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          Welcome back.Where you been eating lately?

          OP:I'm headed to Fiesta tonight and will check to see if they have Pepsi w/sugar.

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            not too many places. end of the semester has been busy... I have gotten quite addicted to Flying Falafel and Poboys next to campus though. The oyster poboy and the beef swarma have become my standby favorites of late.

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              Love Flying Falafel.The family that runs it is so nice.It's too pricey to be a regular spot for me but when I feel like splurging on a plus ten dollar lunch I'm there.Have you tried House Pizza yet?A nice fat pie is under ten dollars,feeds two people and is quite good.They do their sausage in house like Eastside but way cheaper.

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                no.. i haven't... I had generally bad luck with pizza here in Austin. I liked Southside for a while, but stopped going when the staff repetitively ticked me off. hmmm... good pepperoni pizza with real sugar cola... sounds like childhoood again...

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                  Well, you should try House Pizza when you get a chance, and then let us know what you think. I've gotten that sausage pizza twice, but no others yet. Good beers on tap, too.

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                    I had the roasted potato and goat cheese pizza at House and it blew me away. I've been craving it ever since we went. Hubby had pepperoni, and it was very good, but I can't say it was the best pepperoni pizza I've ever had.

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                      I 2nd House. Tried it for the first time last weekend after touring the Parade of Homes. Very good. The wife and I split a salad and the sausage and mushroom pizza. Thought the crust was excellent. Also, a great selection of beer on tap.

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            I tried Target at South Lamar, and Randall's across the street (Ben White) and neither had it. Was it in cans or bottles, 6 or cases?

          3. The Randalls on Ben White (near Manchaca) had the Pepsi. I got a 12-pack last week and while I enjoyed it I wasn't overwhelmed by the real sugar. I guess my taste buds are going south (like the rest of my 54-year-old body) but I couldn't tell that much of a difference with the Dublin Dr. Pepper either. And when I had the fountain Dublin DP at Cabo Bobs I couldn't taste any difference at all.
            Thank God for hot sauce; that I can taste!

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              i went today, they didn't have it. Was it in the normal soda area?

              You should try them side by side like wine tasting ;)

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                I confess I got the last 12-pack when I got mine last week. When an item runs out at Randall's they tend to just move the stock on either side of the 'hole' together to make it look better. I read online that they don't place the 'throwback' next to regular soda in case someone might think something was wrong with the normal HFCS ones. When I went yesterday they were out of the large bottles of Seltzer and I was forced to get the 6-packs.
                I'll try a side-by-side blind tasting with some friends and see what the consensus is!

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                  Pepsi and Mtn Dew Throwback seem to be gone for good. Sorry, folks. Maybe they'll bring it back again, like the McRib, but what you see on the shelves is the last of this run.

            2. HEB at Hancock Center had a Display with plenty of Pepsi Throwback 12-packs. Near the frozen food section. There were at least 30 12 packs there on Monday. They were going for 3.99 I believe. Still worth it in my opinion. Cheaper alternative to Mexican Coke (which I still prefer) for mixers. Makes a mean Cuba Libre.

              1. The Pepsi version seems to have returned for 2010. I saw 6 or so 12 packs on an endcap at the HEB at 2222 and Burnet.

                1. the lakeline target had a big end-cap of it on saturday.
                  walk in the left-hand-side, and it's right in that seasonal section, before the candy.
                  the produce and groceries will be on your left.

                  in addition to the pepsi, i saw mountain dew as well.

                  1. i just got back from supertarget at tech ridge, i saw the throwback can (pepsi and mtn dew) there, between the candy/gum and bath/makeupaisles on the an end cap facing the check out lanes. it has retro writing, etc on it. didn't venture into the soda aisle to see there...if you find yourself up north stop by (they had plenty of pepsi and mtn dew)

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                      I scored one at Target last night...the have different throwback labels this time. I am saving it for a special occasion. Ha!

                    2. I found some at the Target off of Ben White.

                      1. I saw some Pepsi Throwback at Costco south 2 days ago.

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                          Sams at 183 and 360 has 18 packs of both.

                        2. found some Mountain Dew throwback at the La Familia market off 183. It is between Mann's BBQ and the Toyota dealership.

                          La Familia Restaurant
                          3601 W William Cannon Dr, Austin, TX 78749

                          1. A couple of days ago Live Oak Market (Manchaca @ Ben White) had it; two 12-pks for $7

                            1. Today was the first time I saw Pepsi Throwback anywhere, surprisingly in HEB. Just one 12 pack though.

                              It would be nice if Coca-Cola would get on this bandwagon and not just limit us to Passover or imported Mexican cokes.

                              1. Theses are both fabulous!!! It is wonderful to drink on a hot day! Although they are supposed to be limited editions these can be found at most north austin targets and HEB's. Four Points market HEB definetly has a good quantity right now and should continue to carry it for about a month.

                                1. so, i finally thought to check for a website and pepsi and mountain dew are the only throwback flavors.
                                  i don't care for either in their usual iterations but i may try it regardless.

                                  rruncie is right: hot days call for cold drinks, and it's gonna get sweltering soon.

                                  1. The HEB Plus at 620/Anderson Mill had twelve packs of "Dr Pepper with sugar". It wasn't the Dublin Dr Pepper with the 10 2 4 packaging and Imperial Sugar stamped on it. However, it is bottled by the Plano group and only listed sugar on the ingredients (not a cane/beet sugar mix), so it might be the same formula and not the Heritage kind that was popping up in some states.

                                    I didn't buy any because it was about $4.50 a pack, but there were enough to fill up an end cap currently.

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                                      "This release is for a limited time to celebrate Dr Pepper's 125th anniversary over the summer (specifically, "through September" or "while supplies last"). As such, they'll have 6 different can designs and a special bottle look...this new Dr Pepper "Made With Real Sugar" will be available in markets where Coke has the bottling rights to Dr Pepper, namely the bottlers of Coca-Cola Enterprises."