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Jun 2, 2009 01:40 PM

Bethel/Sunday River

My family is renting out a house in Bethel in about two weeks. I am trying to find some great local places that we could eat at. My family has very eclectic tastes, so any type of food is fair game. Thanks in advance for the help.

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  1. Hi Adam,
    I recommend Cho Sun for great sushi and Japanese food; Victoria Inn for good all around cuisine; Bethel Inn on Thursday nights is supposed to have great Mexican, Home Slice Pizza (I would do take home) for great pizza they way I remember it in NYC, we like the crossroads diner for breakfast, Liam's because they have a kids play area -- food is ok at best, Pheonix is pretty good as well but not sure if it is open outside of ski season. Restaurants that we have not tried but I hear are supposed to be good: Sudbury Inn, Jolly Drayman.
    We also own a vacation rental home in the area and recommend a couple of local personal chef's. Feel free to contact us directly for more info....

    1. Cho Sun for good sushi or Korean food; a bit pricey for the area, though.

      Good Food Store for sandwiches, soups, and to-go premade dinners.

      The Orange Trailer BBQ joint adjacent to the Good Food Store for BBQ that a Texan friend praised (but then, this is Maine).

      Jolly Draymay--good food, wide-ranging menu done well, inexpensive, very British feel thanks to the owners. Ask about the specials nights. This is one of my must-go favorites.

      Sudbury Inn--haven't been under new owners, but it's long been the best fine dining option. It's also home to Sud's Pub, with a Thursday night open mic night running 30 years (and plenty of pub food choices).

      Cafe DiCocoa, not sure if open in summer, but both a restaurant and a separate cafe. Both quite good; latter has to-go dinner items.

      That's it off the top of my head; Oh yeah, consider heading over to Fryeburg or Waterford for other more fine dining choices. Both are gorgeous drives (for Fryeburg, go to Waterford, then over the Sweden Road). And ask locally about the current rep of the Lovell Inn.

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        Thanks for both of your help, I really appreciate it. The open mic night sounds interesting because my mom likes to have a few cocktails and you can't get her off of a stage:)
        My girlfriend and I are flying into Portland and drving to the rental. Do you guys know of any interesting places to stop and get a bite to eat for lunch on the way in? Thanks again.

      2. We recently stayed the night at the Bethel Inn for Mothers Day brunch. Brunch was good...but selection was laking (we are use to the Boston hotel type) but thats not why I posted. The night before we ate dinner at a little restaurant directly across the street. They have a nice martini bar & interesting menu. I had a beef dish that was ok. But sister had a wonderful "crispy egg plant parm" one of the best i've had. They have there menu posted out side so swing by and take a look....or just a drink on the screened poarch. Menu was Italian themed.

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          Thanks again for all of your help. I had a great time in Bethel. Tried the Orange Trailer BBQ and the brisket was awesome ... much better than the pulled pork. The guy who runs it is quite the character. I also went to Cafe Dicocoa for my coffee fix ... Great apricot cookies. My mom took us to Rooster's Roadhouse for dinner eventhough I was pushing for the Jolly Drayman ... Most of it was just okay, but their clam chowder was awesome. Their version was a lot more peppery than others and I really enjoyed it. Thanks again.