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Jun 2, 2009 01:33 PM

Will the New Parking Rules Make People Think Twice About Dining in Somerville?

It looks like meters in at least parts of Davis and Magoun Squares will be adjusted so that you have to feed them until 10:00 PM on Saturday nights (and 8:00 PM Monday through Friday), and all the permit-free streets will become permit parking only.

For those who drive into Somerville for dinner, will this make you hesitate before going? 10:00 on Saturday nights seems ridiculous to me (Boston is only 8:00) and losing all those permit-free streets is going to make the parking situation even tighter in some areas. What does everyone think?

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  1. Here's an item about the parking change from Wicked Local -

    From a chow perspective, I think this has terrible potential downstream effects as predicted by a number of food and drink purveyors in Davis in the article.

    But then, Cambridge parking pretty much sucks too and people still go there.

    The easy answer is make friends with Somerville residents and borrow their visitor's permit.

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    1. re: Bob Dobalina

      That blows. It will hurt anyone driving to have dinner at a local business.

    2. that just blows. Seriously - I *do* think twice about parking before I choose a destination. This is a major reason that I avoid Cambridge. And to be clear, it's not just about paying for parking, it's equally, if not more, about lack of availability with permit only restrictions. The first thing I think when wanting to go to Cambridge is, "oh christ, I'm going to drive around and around and around to find anything...and I can't really relax as I have to worry about getting up to feed the meter...and oh crap, do I even have any change? oh screw it"

      Then I'll go downtown (by T) or to Somerville or the north shore or ANY place else that, if I drive, lets me park *easily* and cheaply.

      I had no idea they were changing these rules. looks like Somerville is on the way out for me too =(

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      1. re: lisa13

        have to agree here. have not been to cambridge in years because of painful parking issues. why bother? too bad about somerville, it wasnt that easy to park anyway, but now?...

        1. re: lisa13

          lisa, there are a bunch of good places in the Central Square area, and there is a cheap garage on Green St. Believe me, I *hate* paying for parking; you can confirm this with Mrs. Alcachofa. But the Green St lot is so cheap, even I don't mind paying.

          1. re: Alcachofa

            The green st garage is dirt cheap in the evening. The lot on prospect near whole foods is free outside of biz hours, as is the po-po lot behind the post office.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. I stopped going to Downtown Liquors after getting a ticket for an 8p meter that had no signage on it - the parking is crowded but free at Fresh Pond for Cambridge Wine and Spirits - my new regular spot.

            1. This will absolutely discourage lots of people from eating in Somerville, since easy parking has been a real incentive to chose a place in Somerville over a similar place in Cambridge or Boston.