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Jun 2, 2009 01:33 PM

lodge cast iron pizza pan

I am hoping to use my charcoal grill to make some pizza soon, maybe in the oven too.

I wanted a pizza stone but I am looking at the lodge cast iron pan, because it is more versatile and also functions as a non stick baking sheet for fries.

My question is that the iron being can heat up alot and would it result in burnt pizza? Reviews on amazon seems good enough. It only comes in one size which is 14" so I hope it isn't too big to put on the is 20"x20" grill.
Maybe it needs to be elevated a bit from the grill surface.

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  1. a cast iron pan will produce completely different results than a pizza stone, on the grill or in the oven. a pizza stone will pull moisture out of the dough. cast iron will not do that. you'll most likely have more desirable results with a pizza stone. buy both, a stone is only 30 bucks or so and will last forever.

    as far as cooking on a grill, a grill rarely retains enough heat to cook the top of the pizza as quickly as it cooks the bottom. better results can be obtained from an oven. then again, if you're cooking at low temperature, and don't mind cooking pizza for 12 or 15 minutes (when the dough dries out in my opinion) then you can probably get the results you're looking for on a grill. to my mind good pizza is cooked quickly, in under 5 minutes, which just can't be done on a grill with a stone or cast iron pan.

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      I suppose it depends on what sort of pie you like. I'm a Chicago boy, so I have a weakness for deep-dish and stuffed pizza. For that, nothing beats a 12-inch dutch oven -- 16 briquettes on top, 8 briquettes on the bottom -- deep dish cooked to perfection in 20-25 minutes, stuffed takes a little longer.

      We have had success cooking traditional thin crust on a cast iron griddle placed on the grate of our gas grill cranked up to 11. A generous sprinkle of corn meal keeps things nice and crispy.

      1. re: MikeB3542

        of course, as I suggested.

        but a cast iron pan isn't a replacement for a stone, which seemed to be the thrust of the IP. i wouldn't cook a deep dish pizza on a stone. you Chicago boys do like your baked pies, and that's good with me. :)

        buy both, enjoy both!