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Jun 2, 2009 12:23 PM

Black Skirt

Has anyone been? Thoughts? I am taking a friend there tomorrow night for dinner.


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  1. I went there for lunch on Friday and ordered their veal sandwich. The sandwich was 1/2 the size as a veal sandwich at the St. Lawrence Market and it only came with one carrot stick and four little olives. You don't get much for the cost.

    Also, the sandwich had moldy cheese - my parmegian had blue fuzzy spots on it. I didn't discover this until after I had eaten almost half of the sandwich. The staff were very apologetic and offered me a substitute, but I just couldn't eat anything after that discover.

    It was a very disappointing experience.

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      Small Review from last night:

      Quaint atmosphere, decent service - the waiter seemed very knowledgable about the various pastas and specials. My dining partner and I both had the pasta special after much ho-hum on my part not wanting to order the same item. Penne with chicken and asparagus in a white wine cream sauce. Was done ok - nothing spectacular - but comforting. Started with bruschetta - the goat cheese crumble on top is always a bonus for me! All in all good experience.

    2. I had dinner here with my SO shorta after the Wish to Black Skirt transition about a month ago and we really enjoyed it. Reasonable prices and solid food. Everything was very solid, pasta tasted fresh and not too heavy.

      Can't remember what it was called but the bread was served with a bowl of olive oil with spices and fresh garlic in it. There was a pestal to grind up the garlic and made for a really addicting accompaniment for the bread, and just had a really fresh flavour that was nice. Another highlight was the tiramisu at the end, it was lighter and refreshing. Overall the meal was very good, but nothing that was quite a 'wow' factor. But at a reasonable price point I look forward to trying other things on the menu.

      Black Skirt is about two blocks away and a solid 'hood stanby for us. I'm not sure I'd encourage a trip in from the burbs for it, but we're glad to have it here.

      1. It is my favorite place for drinks in the city. The decor and attention put into design really shows. I have only eaten at wish not since they rebranded themselves as Black Skirt. The owner dropped the prices and added more value to the menu. She has made a more upscale dinner more accessible in tough times. I am looking forward to checking it out.

        1. Was there the other night by accident. The waitress was very kind and attentive. We told her we were in a hurry so she made a special point of making things snappy. I wasn't that hungry, but the wine was good. (I asked for organic wine, they didn't have any.) The soup was splendid, and the salad was spectacular. Also, very affordable. Best of all was the coziness of the place. It was very cool (i.e., hip) yet very warm and welcoming and not one of those stuck-up places where they make you feel like they're doing you a favour by letting you in there.

          1. Anyone been to the new incarnation of this place over on College West? Menu looks the same as it was a couple of years back in the Charles St. location. We were going to be in the area and thinking about checking it out this weekend.


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              Tried it a few months ago, pretty good but not great neighbourhood spot. I loved the apps, but the pasta mains that all the critics raved about fell flat. Did not care for their pomodoro sauce at all, too much of that heavy stewed tomato flavour, I like lighter sauces.

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                Thanks for the heads up. It's actually a bit further from The Royal, where we're seeing a movie later, than expected. We're going to try out the old Negroni place Carpano instead.