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Jun 2, 2009 12:06 PM

Mexicali Live (Teaneck) recommendation?

Anyone been to this restaurant/music venue? What's the best from their dinner menu?

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  1. Unfortunately, I can't recommend eating there. Mind you, I was only there once, but my wife and I had a very disappointing experience there. We arrived fairly early for a show so we decided to have a relaxed-paced meal. We ordered some wings, which were fine -- nothing special but decent. But then we waited too long to order our dinner so the kitchen got backed up with other orders. The couple sitting next to us ordered the same time as we did, but they were served and finished their meal before ours was even served. By the time ours came out, it wasn't even hot (our guess is that it was sitting there and the waitress forgot to pick it up). To make matters worse, my wife's order didn't even match what was on the menu. It was supposed to be (I think) a shredded pork served with plantains or something like that. There may have been pork in it, but I think they substituted some dark-meat chicken as well (or then it was really poor quality pork). They ran out of plantains (which was half of the reason she ordered it) and substitued inedible spinach. I had a burrito or enchiladas which were only so-so. We complained about my wife's dinner and, to their credit, they took it off the bill.

    We were disappointed because it really is a cool place to see a show, and the whole dinner & music thing seemed really cool. I would have loved to go back, but won't (at least for dinner). Again, that was only one trip, so give it a try, but don't get your hopes up.