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Soft Shell Crab on the Menu

Where can I get Soft Shell Crab in Manhattan right now? It's usually on the specials list at most restaurants, because of its seasonal nature. Does Momofuku have them right now? How about One Hundred Acres? Dell'anima? Chowhound spies help me out.

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  1. I had an AMAZING soft sheel crab dish an Wondee Siam on 9th Ave (the original one at 53rd St.) last weekend. It was served with a sweet/spicy mango salad. Definitely one of the best soft shell crab dishes I've ever had.

    1. This year I have had SSC at Pirella which I was a bit disappointed in, I found it over fried and over sauced, I had a very good roll at Sushi Samba.

      Last year I finally tried NY Noodletown for their famous SSC, it was fun and the crabs are huge, fried, a bit salty but good. I was not too crazy about the ones at Tocqueville.

      My favorites last year, and among the best I have ever has was at Five Points. They were simple grilled. It did not get as crunchy as some, but the full yummy crab taste was there without the distraction of fried and sauces, so good. I hope to go back this season.

      1. One at Marea was tasty. Also, according to Midtown Lunch blog, Certe on 55th has just come up with a very tasty sounding soft shell crab sandwich: a beer battered jumbo soft shell crab with bibb lettuce, remoulade sauce on a toasted butter potato roll ($8.95).

        1. Great softshell crab at 10 Downing just last weekend. Though I can't remember the dish description exactly, it was simple and excellent. Boyfriend and I shared, and contemplated ordering another round; it was that good. He also thought the breading tasted like the Colonel's special recipe - I beg to differ, it was much lighter - but hey, you never know where the inspiration comes from...

          1. It's on the menu at Gotham Bar and Grill now as a seasonal special. I am going to GBG on Saturday and am contemplating ordering it. The maitre'd said it is imcredible and one of their popular dishes when on the menu.

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              I had the soft shells at Gotham last night. The serving was 2 nicely sized crabs (large enough that I gave half a crab to a friend I met at the bar - albeit I'm can't eat a lot in one sitting), fried and in a brown butter sauce. They were fantastic. Not too heavy, but with a richness in taste. I highly recommend.

            2. I had the soft shell crab special at blue smoke for lunch today, really good...

              1. i didn't try it but casa mono has it on the menu. i think they lightly coat and fry it.

                1. Saw that Cer Te in Midtown has a tasty looking soft shell crab sandwich


                  1. They put a soft shelled crab appetizer on the menu at Scarpetta two weeks ago or so. It's delicious and the crabs are very meaty - more than usual! I definitely recommend it.

                    1. I had a wonderful SSC at Perilla about three weeks ago. It had Thai-influenced flavor and was meaty and delicious. I highly recommend this dish!

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                        I've always wanted to try soft shell crabs. Are they usually skimpy on the meat or wut?

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                          I think it depends entirely on the size of the crab. In general, they're pretty small, but a lot of restaurants serve you two SSC per order -- Perilla does. I also had a Po Boy-style SSC sandwich at Dumont Burger in Brooklyn last weekend. For a single serving of SSC, it was huge!

                          Definitely give one a try and let us know if you enjoy it!

                      2. ...On the menu at Table 8 (new spot in the Cooper Sq Hotel)


                        1. I had a great version at Amazin 66 a couple of weeks ago. I also liked the roll w/softshell crab I had at Kanoyama last weekend.

                          1. Actually just had it at Gotham and it was great. See my review for more details on the whole dinner..