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Jun 2, 2009 10:53 AM

SD..Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

What would be your one choice on no object..

Breakfast.. Crown Room at the Hotel Del for brunch
Lunch.. Mariscos Taco Truck
Dinner... Chef's Table at Addison at the Grand Del Mar Resort

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  1. Breakfast ... At home or Wired
    Lunch... 9-10
    Dinner... "Special" Tasting Menue from Chef Kennedy at Better Half

    If we are willing to drive (and we have done it before):

    Breakfast ... At home or Wired
    Lunch... Pizzeria Mozza
    Dinner... Chef'sTasting Menu at Providence

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      Side note - Michael Cimarusti is going to be on Top Chef masters 10Jun.

    2. Are we confined to SD? If so:

      Lunch....People's Market in OB

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      1. re: ginael

        Breakfast: Home - Bacon (Linkery), Eggs (Mercato), Bread & Cie
        Lunch - Super Cocina
        Dinner - Tasting Tapenade (Addison is on my must try list sticking with what I know)

      2. Interesting question.

        Breakfast: Sleep
        Lunch: Point Loma Seafoods
        Dinner: Can't really decide on a restaurant in SD that is near "perfect". Never been to Addison.

        Money no object (in US)? Fly to Galatoires Restaurant New Orleans.

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            We are going to ask you to confine your recommendations to food available in the San Diego area in this thread. You favorite restaurants in other states, while worthy, are out of scope for this thread and for this board.

            Please feel free to repost your San Diego favorites.

          2. Bkfst: Kono's in PB at Crystal Pier

            Lunch: Red Tracton's across from the track in Solana Beach

            Dinner: Crescent Heights Grill on Broadway in Downtown SD

            1. The original comment has been removed