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Jun 2, 2009 10:45 AM

ISO "New York onions" (hot dog topping - NOT Pink's)

When Wiener Factory closed, I lost one of my last reliable sources for one of my favorite excuses for eating hot dogs: the topping of onions cooked in a thin seasoned red sauce, commonly known as "New York onions" or "pushcart onions" for the NYC vendors that serve it. More recently I've appreciated N.Y. onions at the Stand in Encino, but now they've taken them off the menu.

I know that Pink's still serves this (they call it "red spicy onions"), but between the parking and the service I've never been a huge fan.

Can anyone suggest a good L. A. hot-dog vendor that still serves hot dogs or sausages this way?

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  1. They sell the pre-packaged NY style red onions at the Bristol Farms in Beverly Hills. There is nothing better than a dog with mustard and onions. If you're like me yellow mustard doesn't exist only Gulden's or some fascimile will do. I won't allow yellow mustard inside of my house.

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      Do you know what they're called at Bristol Farms? I've been on their shopping website and I can't find them. Thanks!

    2. I don't know of any vendors, but Boar's Head sells a vidalia onion relish, consisting of onions in a reddish sauce, that sounds like what you're looking for. It's been a long time since I had a hot dog in NY, and I think I got only mustard & kraut because I don't remember the onions.

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        Yep, Boar's Head makes the "red onions" in small jars. They have them at Ralphs.

      2. nybd - new york bagel deli on wilshire & 23rd in santa monica sells sabrett's onions. the owner is from new york. they also sell sabrett's hot dogs at the deli.

        1. Hi... Fab's Hot Dogs (on Tampa, in Reseda) will apply 'New York red onion sauce' on one of their dogs for 35 cents. They also have one of their signature dogs (The Manhattan Dog) with the red onion sauce already applied, along with saurkraut and mustard)...

          1. There is a Sabrett cart almost every weekday on Townsgate in Westlake Village, just west of Westlake Blvd. which has the Sabrett onions. Dogs are $3.50.

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              I know this sounds bizarre, but the Albertson's near me (in West Los Angeles) sells Nathan's hot dog onions in a glass jar in the refrigerated section. Don't know if all the Albertson's do, but it's worth checking out!

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                sprouts has them i make my own at home copycat recipes on puter yum brown mustard sauerkraut onions and a steamed bun and at papaya king

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                  Both Sabrett and Nathan's make versions of the stuff. Like Bria, I've seen them at Albertson's. Truly vile in my (minority) opinion. I thought I'd left it behind in NYC LOL!