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Jun 2, 2009 10:42 AM

Early Saturday Dinner - Close to Penns Landing

My girlfriends and I are catching a concert in Camden on Saturday night and we're taking the ferry from Penns Landing. I'm looking for some suggestions not to far from the ferry dock to grab a quick meal and drinks before the show. We're not to particular about the type of food but would like to keep it under $20 a plate. Any help would be great!

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  1. For under $20 per plate, I would say Spasso on Front St between Chestnut and Market Sts. Menu below...

    Or, you could always try Amada and order very judiciously.

    1. You could do the Moshulu if you did appetizers and salads or sandwiches - not 4 star food, but reliable and right there (and if it is nice you can sit on the deck.)

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        I always thought the Moshulu was very expensive but I've never been. I was thinking about going to North 3rd. I was also consider going to Cavanaughs River Deck. Are those good ideas?

        1. re: obx_nancy

          Moshulu can be expensive, but you can do, as mentioned, apps, salads, and sandwiches for under $20 a plate. It's nice; the food is decent and reliable; and it's right where you need to be.

          As for Cav., I've never been thrilled with their food. It's completely underwhelming (except the sweet potato fries). Given the choice, I'd go with North 3rd over Cav.

          1. re: Ali

            You have other inexpensive options in the area.. Pagoda Cafe next to the Ritz for chinese. Eulogy or Triumph on second street for pub or belgian food (watch the beers they get expensive). Arianna on second as well for Aghani food if you want something ethnic.

            1. re: cwdonald

              I've had great food at Eulogy. But I would also throw out Farmicia. And what's that new place on South street around 2nd or 3rd?

          2. re: obx_nancy

            I love N 3rd - but it isn't real close (you'd park twice - although No Libs parking is usually OK, so that would work. I have never been to Cavanaughs. Another option would be to walk over the South Street bridge and try Las Bugambillas which I like and has gotten pretty good press here - you could stay under $20 w/o too much trouble. There is also Pietro's - a wood fired pizza place right there that I haven't been to but others seem to like. Both of those places are on South before you get to second street so they are close.

            1. re: Bigley9

              Thanks for all the replies. For some reason, I totally forgot about the South Street bridge! We're open to anything is that area to if it saves us from parking twice! The mexican place looks good and Pietros' sounds interesting.

        2. What about the Society Hill Hotel?