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Jun 2, 2009 10:22 AM

Seattle, Vancouver and anywhere in between

Planning a trip for late June. Definitely going to hit up Pike's market and Granville Island. Any restaurants, markets, shacks, towns not to miss? We'll be driving so any standouts on the way would be great.

Also, best Chinese in Vancouver? Best Dim Sum?

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  1. Pike Place Market ;-)

    Do you like Sushi? I had the best Omakase experience in Vancouver. It is called Octopus Garden on Cornwall Ave. I wanted to go back, but on my last trip to Vancouver (I was only there a few days - and on a holiday) they were closed. I was totally disappointed!!

    Also, another "out of the ordinary" in Vacouver is Acacia on Denman. They make bonitza and it is GOOOD!!

    In Seattle you must go to Gelatiamo for Gelato (corner of 3rd and Union) It is the best gelato I have ever had!! (even better than Mondo Gelato in Vancouver ... which disappointed me on my last visit to Vancouver. I remembered it being a lot better)

    1. If you're cruising through around lunch time, head off I-5 at Highway 11, Chuckanut Drive. After a few miles, go left and into the little tiny one-horse town of Edison (barely an elbow in the road) and stop at Slough Foods for great cheeses, excellent wine and Armandino Batali's (Mario's dad) incredible salume, plus a baguette from the best baker in northwestern Washington next door, the Breadfarm. Then get back in your car and go back to Highway ll and turn north. This will take you on one of the most beautiful short coastline drives you've ever seen. At the top, pull into a turnout on the water side and pull up a rock. Picnic. Stare at the San Juan Islands. Dream.

      When you're done, cruise north into Bellingham and rejoin I-5 there.

      Best dim sum in Vancouver? San Sui Wah in Richmond. Haven't found the best Chinese yet.

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