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Jun 2, 2009 10:05 AM

Cuisine schezuan or ? - for low key, last night downtown.

Cheers everybody. Primed for a 3 day trip to Montreal next week. The first 2 nights are planned thanks to previous posts (lemeac for steak frites, pintxo for a little something different). The last night we wanted something low key and more towards the cheaper side. Have been reading the post on Cuisine Schezuan. Is it really that good or any other suggestions for a non-bistro, non-tapas last night of unique eats...preferably within walking distance of hotel (de la Montagne) to all suggestions/types of food.


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  1. It is indeed that good. And very close to your hotel - a 5 to 10 minute walk.

    1. I kind of like Qing Hua. But all they have is dumplings, some salads and magic noodle soup.

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        It fits all of your criteria. I went there awhile ago with a few friends and one of our dishes was too sweet, our spicy dumplings and mapo tofu were both good but very similar in taste and the service was pretty distracted. So it would be worth asking here what to order. Other tables all had these massive square bowls full of something delicious but we didn't succeed in identifying it. Very good prices.

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          I believe all those big square bowls would be "insert protein here" in the sauce of szechuan. I've seen them described as "in spicy szechuan sauce" on other menus and on the internets as "water boiled".

          Anyway the best thing to do is to ask your waiter. I've always found the people at Cuisine Szechuan to be very nice and accommodating even if communication can sometimes be difficult.

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            Thanks all; maybe I will attempt a new thread for recommended dishes since no one has bit yet, so to speak.

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              There is already a big thread about what to eat at Cuisine Szechuan, maybe it'll help: