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Jun 2, 2009 10:04 AM

Jack's Firehouse?

Anyone eaten there recently that can comment on the quality/taste of the food, as well as the service? Reviews online are VERY mixed. Thanks!

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  1. I was there about 4 weeks ago (and on a Tues), just had a few apps & drinks (at the bar, then a table, but it rained so we moved back to the bar), so my situation may be a bit different than what you're looking for. Regardless, the food was ... fries were really good and I would totally make the trek back to Fairmount for those fries. However, the service was the standout point. Everyone was extremely amiable and friendly, and no one was [visibly] annoyed by our insistence on sitting at an outside table after the bartender's rec. to not nor was there any dip in service - our fries got to us within the amount of time that one would expect, no evidence of [understandable] confusion by anyone by our 2x switching of seats.

    Only one problem: I cannot remember what we had other than the fries. Everything else was just that forgetable. I vaguely remember thinking the burger the guy next to us had ordered looked good, but that's about it. However, on the other hand, I also don't remember anything tasting bad.

    1. I have not but would recommend you try Bridgid's instead. Had a great lunch there last week (beer and mussels). Very down to earth atmosphere, friendly service, cheap.

      1. We ate there last summer and really enjoyed their brisket and ribs. I got a fish dish (trout or red snapper maybe?) that was much better than I'd expected. I remember their chicken "fingers" for my sons were great. Basket of muffins/scones at the beginning is good if a little dull. But they give you fabulous fresh baked chocolate chip cookies with the check.

        1. I've been 2x. Once about 6 months ago I went for early dinner with a friend. I had a steak special. I can't remember the cut, but it was a sirloin or a strip. I was really impressed with the quality and cooking of the meat and the excellent fries and accompanying sauce were delicious. For days afterwards I was telling people about the excellent meal I'd had there. My friend also had a chicken dish that she really liked. Our waiter was charming and fun and gave good reccomendations.

          More recently, I had their Sunday Brunch. The service was again very good, but the food was dissapointing. The best dish actually was a pulled pork appetizer my cousin got. The rest of us got more traditional brunch/breakfasty foods (pancakes, eggs, fritatas, etc.) and they were perfectly serviceable, but kind of blah for the money.

          My takeaway is that they do great meat and dinner/pub-type foods, but are mediocre outside of their sweetspot. I would happily go back for dinner there.