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Jun 2, 2009 09:55 AM

What's new in the Lakes Region New Hampshire?

Spend most of my time in the lakes region during the summer and I'm always looking for something new or new to me. Last year I got hooked on Ellcoya Barn & Grill, love the rustic atmosphere, the mussels and lobster pizza. Vineyards in Belmont was pretty nice as well, especially the lounge area with it's kind of living room appeal. Other places I frequent would be the Galley in Laconia; Guissepes or Harts in Meredith; Lemongrass or Canoe in the Center Harbor area. So, what am I missing or are there any new restaurants. The restaurant I miss the most, which closed just a few years ago, was Zacks on Winnesquam. They had the absolutely the best fried clams and lobster rolls.

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  1. My favorite is O Steaks & Seafood (see photo)- they are at the Lake Opechee Inn in Lakeport and are owned by the same folks as Canoe. T-Bones is another good one. They also have Cactus Jack's in the same building (downstairs) - they are also very pro-active in their community. Last summer, I went to the Shaker Table at Canterbury Shaker Village. The whole restaurant is wood in shaker style - real simple - real impressive. At Weirs Beach there is a little place on the boardwalk with the best Margaritas anywhere - Crazy Gringo. Have a great meal and watch the fireworks on the Weirs Beach boardwalk on Lake Winnipesaukee when your done.

    Lakes Region Association
    61 Laconia Rd, Tilton, NH

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      Thanks, O Steaks & Seafood looks like a good option and probably just 15 minutes from me. I've been to Crazy Gringo, but I guess I just miss the old "Fancy". I also checked out the Weirs Times but didn't really see any new listings. I haven't really found a "regular" spot since Zack's closed.

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        The Lyons Den, Coe House, and William Tell Inn.....all very good

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          Just checked the website for Lyons Den. Did that used to me Gretchens? It's been a few years, but as I remember it was right by the Marine Patrol. I don't remember them having a bar though. The menu looks good and I saw some favorable reviews so I'm definitely adding that one to my list. Thanks so much!

    2. My fav is still Corner House Inn in Sandwich, but awesome lobster roll in Ctr Harbor at Sam & Rosies (just across the lake). Awesome clams at "no frills" Village Kitchen on rt 25 Moultonboro. I've been wanting to try the tex mex place over by Newfound Lake - have you!!

      I haven't seen/heard anything new but that Boscowen BBQ place just opened at the Weirs too - many on here like them, I wasn't too impressed.

      Have you done Dipsy Doodle in Northfield/Tilton - very awesome lobster roll, clams, haddock, ice cream, sweet pot fries, etc.

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        I really enjoy the Corner House Inn but have just been there for lunch. Hoping to try the upstairs tavern this summer. Walter's Basin is another place that I really enjoy the Sunday brunch. Dipsy Dodle sounds like a place I should check out, and it shouldn't be too far since I'm in Gilmanton. My to go list is really starting to shape up.

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          and Walter's Basin just changed their menu - I joined Dad for Cribbage Tourns most weeks during winter and really enjoyed the food - they're a hidden gem too.

          Meant to say, I agree totally about O, love it, nice ambiance too and excellent service - too bad they don't do the same at Canoe.

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            Service can be pretty bad at Canoe. I find it's generally a little better at the bar. All in all it's worth it to me for the lobster mac & cheese.

      2. Not new, but we love Lago in Meredith. Inspired Tuscan food served with warmth and great efficiency. It's right on the water in Meredith Bay, so ask for a seat near the window. Nice wine list, great bar.

        My favorites: the butternut squash ravioli, the individual pizzas,any fish dish, spaghetti carbonara. Great salads too. I have never had a bad meal here.

        Lago Trattoria
        1 Route 25, Meredith, NH

        1. Upscale, I like O's, Lemon Grass, Woodshed and the Coe House. Kevin's just west of Center Harbor on Rt. 25 is a somewhat hidden gem. Best crab cakes ANYWHERE (and I'm from Maryland) Excellent fried seafood of any kind. Creative menu and reasonably priced. Surroundings not quite upscale, but definitely a must. "Chowish" standbys are Georges in Meredith, Village Kitchen (Country Cookin) in Moultonborough and Patricks. A new interesting arrival, worth a breakfast/lunch is Kitchen Cravings. A little hard to find but hidden near the Laconia Airport. Very extensive menu (from Miami Cuban to other regional dishes). Its reach exceeds its grasp but still worth a visit. Panama Bills in Laconia is said to have excellent BBQ, but I have not yet tried. And, the Lyons Den is near the Marine Patrol. Finally, I just don't like Canoe. Some dishes are quite tasty, but the overall experience just doesn't do it for me. I just feel they believe they are doing me a favor by serving me. Same owner as O's, but if I want an expensive hunk of meat, O's is the place.

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            I'm with you on Canoe, what''s up with that??

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              How's the food at Coe House? Can you elaborate? Thanks.

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                I noticed in the Dining Guide that Kevin's has a location in the Weir's. Looks like it's probably located on the pier. Any experience with that location? I'm curious if they would have the crab cakes.

              2. Just as a follow-up. Ellcoya Barn & Grill seems to be working out as my regular spot. On a recent visit I commented to the bartender that I was disappointed they had taken the lobster pizza off the menu. She immediately offered to ask the kitchen if they would make them. The chef was more than accomodating, and the pizza was loaded with lobster. I also finally made it to O Steak & Seafood. Sat at the bar, where I enjoyed great service. Gina was the bartender. Lobster mac & cheese was every bit as good as Canoe, and the Kobe pops were a treat. Next stop Lyons Den .