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Jun 2, 2009 09:34 AM

Any recommendations for Ocean Shores eateries?

We've never been to Ocean Shores and wanted to ask you reliable foodies where to dine.

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  1. Ugh, Ocean Shores...kind of a dingy town if you ask me. We went last weekend expecting something akin to our beloved Cape Cod beach towns (we're from MA originally), and got something very different. No boardwalk, you have to drive everywhere, and what's with the driving on the beach?? It's nasty. I much preferred the beaches north of there, like Copalis and Pacific Beaches, which are quiet, beautiful, and very picturesque.

    Anyway, to address your original question, we went to Mike's Restaurant, which our campsite owner said was the freshest seafood in town. Got the chowder - it had good flavors but was WAY too thick, like eating clam chowder porridge. Fried razor clams were tasty, served pretty generically. I'm not sure there are many good places in Ocean Shores, though, the pickings seemed slim. My advice - get a campsite, buy some fresh looking fish from a fish store, and have your own gourmet foodie experience "al fresco."

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      Gee...we've heard there are some nice art galleries and there is a kite festival going on, weather should be nice.
      May not be Cape Cod, but this is our pick for now as we are doing only "stay-cations" this year. Thanks for the input, sorry you didn't fare well there. Will let you know how our stay went.

      1. re: ljohaines

        We love the Long Beach Peninsula and will be staying there in July. Places we like to eat include 42nd St Cafe, The Depot, and Jimella's Market Cafe (former owners of The Ark). I have never heard of Mike's, but if you want to buy seafood, Jimella's is the place to go. Ilwaco has some good restaurants, but the names aren't coming to me. This is a working person's community, so I would not expect it to be anything like Cape Cod. No boardwalk? There is a very long one in Long Beach. Have fun!

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          Forgot to mention the Shelburne Pub. It is cheaper than going into the restaurant, but they serve good food.

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            Thanks!! Your input is really appreciated.

        2. re: jakecola

          One place that didn't get mentioned is Ocean Crest Resort in Moclips (maybe 40 minutes north of Ocean Shores). They have a fantastic wine menu and their seafood is great. The view from the dining room is gorgeous as well.

          Ocean Crest Resort
          4651 State Route 109, Moclips, WA 98562

          1. re: jakecola

            We have a peice of property in Ocean Shores... One thing we DO like about that so called dingy place is the simplicity. No board walk, less crowds. I know Cape Cod is SOO much better,, maybe you should stay there. We don't go there to be entertained, We go there to relax.. And Yes your right I don't agree with the driving on the beach, but taking the good with the bad. Emilys at the Quanalt Casino is your best bet, in my opinion. Have a nice trip home.

            1. re: rockhound

              "I know Cape Cod is SOO much better,, maybe you should stay there."

              I suppose I deserved that one, I pretty much sounded like a pompous Dbag with my original post. I'll stand by my original comment that I did not enjoy my time in Ocean Shores proper, as in the town itself, but I did very much enjoy my time on the WA shore just north of the city. And I realize that it's totally different, the Cape and the WA shore. Whatever...if you find some place that makes you happy, then that's really all the matters.

              Since I no longer live in WA, I won't be making any trips out to the WA shore any time soon. But if I do return, it will most definitely be to the Peninsula coast near Quinault, La Push, etc., rather than further south to the Gray's Harbor area. Just my preference...and to make sure this stays at least semi-food related, there is an AMAZING little diner/breakfast joint on 101 between Forks and Port Angeles, perfect for when you're making that drive through the nothingness that is the Northwestern corner of 101 on the Peninsula. I wish I could remember the name, but it's the only place between Elhwa and Lake Crescent.

          2. Go to Linda's Seafood in Chinook, buy a bunch of Dungeness Crab, sit on the beach, crack it and enjoy.... Life does not get much better than this...

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              1. re: ljohaines

                Whoops, I keyed on Jane917's post also and Chinook is located about 4 miles west of the Astoria Bridge on 101 in Washington. Was in that area last weekend.

                There are fresh fish shops in Hoquiam and Aberdeen that can provide good fresh dunginess crab, ready to eat. Fresh oysters are also very available in that area.

            1. I just realized that my suggestions for food come from Ocean Beach, and you are going to Ocean Shores, which is whole different area. I hope I have not led you astray.

              1. It's been a while, but I've had a couple of good meals at Emily's (I think this is the name) the restaurant in the Quinault Casino/Resort there...just outside of Ocean Shores. The food was surprisingly good, as being part of a hotel and casino, I didn't expect much.

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                1. re: ethereal

                  I had an "okay" dinner at Quinalt Beach one night. Not great, but decent.

                  1. re: ethereal

                    We had reservations for Emily's and will go there on our next trip (Thanks for the recommendation). We ended up at an Irish pub (see my post below), where we were having too much fun to leave.

                  2. Thanks to all of you, your input was really appreciated. We had a wonderful weekend, the kite festival was amazing and the weather was perfect. We had a very memorable meal at Galway Bay (Irish Pub/Cafe). Started with the house bread, a very dense, semi-sweet loaf warm from the oven with room temp butter, yum! The salad was fresh greens with a raspberry vinegarette, and our entree was called Fodar Bidie, a meat filled pasty made with puff pastry, the filling was tender beef and topped with a lovely whisky sauce. We were happy and would go back for more.

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                    1. re: ljohaines

                      I am heading to Ocean Shores this weekend for a triathalon. Any recommendations for Italian?

                      1. re: bluedog67

                        By far, your best bet is Gabelli's Parma Restaurant, 116 W. Heron St. in Aberdeen. A small, family-run place with a focus on northern italian cuisine ----- great pastas, homemade desserts. Great gnocchi and ravioli, but I can never resist their rotolo. Trust me on this.

                        1. re: Steve in Olympia

                          I'll second Steve on Parma, it's a hidden gem. They have great gnocchi and ravioli. Why this place is located in Aberdeen I'll never know.

                          1. re: erichensley

                            Going back to Aberdeen (or up to Moclips) after race check in and hotel check in wasn't really an option. So here is the report: Ocean Shores doenst' really have great restaurant selection...or decent hotels for that matter. We were staying at the Shilo Inn, so ate there on Friday nite. The menu reminded me of a steak house that I waited tables at in the 80s. The food was acceptable. A little bland and not a good value, (usual $$ increase for sitting at the beach) but nothing terrible. Meh-enough we chose not to stay in on Saturday nite. We tried to go to Alec's by the Sea (which is not by the sea), but the hostess was rather rude and wouldn't tell us if there was a wait for tables. I suppose it was obvious b/c there was a crowd, but some were waiting to pay their bill. So we went to the Galway, as the OP did. It was pretty standard Irish pub food,. Nothing spectacular, but but really no complaints. Very friendly staff. Would go again if I find myself in Ocean Shores again, but am hoping that will not be the case.

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                              On our way to Ocean Shores this evening - the Gray's Harbor Chamber of Commerce says Gabelli's closed about two months ago. The previous owner doesn't live there any more. :(

                              So, El Toro it shall be (, unless there's anywhere else really compelling between Seattle and Ocean Shores!

                        2. re: ljohaines

                          Well, sorry to have been such a downer with the first post! We were just so turned off by Ocean Shores when we went there originally, which is where my distaste came from in my post. Glad to hear you had a better culinary time there than we did!