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Jun 2, 2009 08:55 AM

Kid Friendly Restraunt for Party of 20 in Downtown L.A. area?

My sister is having a get together for my 2 year old Niece's Birthday on June 13th and was wondering if there are any Kid friendly restaurants in the Downtown Los Angeles area. It's gonna be about 20 people with Kids and the Restaurant can not be too expensive. Open to any type of cuisine, but prefer the usual Chinese,Mexican, Japanese, etc. Thank in advance for any suggestions.

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  1. How many kids? Are you talking about a Chuck E. Cheese-type restaurant where the kids can run around doing whatever they want? Or are you talking about a restaurant where there is a mix of adults and kids, and they will will generally sit?

    Assuming the latter, Guelaguetza just west of downtown for Oaxacan seems good for kids. The food may be too adventurous for some. (I forget the name, but the good Mexican restaurant on Olvera Street also might work, as might Barragan's in Echo Park, though I don't consider Barragan's very chow-worthy.)

    Dim sum also might be fun for kids. Empress Pavilion is a large room and kids may get a kick out of the food served from carts. If you go east of downtown, NBC Seafood or 818 provide cart service and better dim sum than any place downtown.

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      Huge second on dim sum at Empress Pavilion. Barragan's, while not Chowhound level, would work, but I think El Compadre in Echo Park would be better due to the colorful nature and mariachis.

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        Guelaguetza also has mariachis on Saturdays, but it can get extremely noisy.

    2. Philippe's is very family friendly and has separate rooms upstairs, not sure if they can be reserved.

      1. Thanks guys, I've been to Empress Pavillion before, and I think that will be the perfect place.