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Jun 2, 2009 08:53 AM

looking for CHEAP kitchen tools in Vancouver

Hi - New to Vancouver and need to cheap kitchen tools to get me by. I don't need brand names and gadgety peelers.

I'm looking for wooden spoons, sharp and sturdy but cheap knife to debone, thongs, a rasp etc.

I figured Chinatown might be a good place to look. Any suggestions?

Thanks so much in advance!

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  1. Russell Food Equipment on Venables for restaurant grade equipment (I bought all my sheet pans, tongs, etc from there). Tinland in Chinatown recently closed, but their Richmond operation called Attinson Food Equipment is still active. Chinatown is a good place to buy dim sum steamers, Chinese cleavers, etc.

    You can also get great deals at Winners, HomeOutfitters, Ikea, etc.

    Russell Food Equipment LTD. Vancouver
    1255 Venables St, Vancouver, BC V6A, CA

    Attinson Food
    4351 NO. 3 Rd, Richmond, BC V6X, CA

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      thanks so much fmed. you've been a great help! i also posted about moving here and looking for a neighbourhood a couple months ago and you were by far the best help then too. I appreciate it!

      if i'm heading to chinatown can you point me in any specific direction? intersection(s)?

      1. re: leslievillian

        There are a number of places along E Georgia St (-- time it so you can lunch at Phnom Penh while you are at it!), and along Keefer St. (Between Main St and Gore on both streets). The prices there are very good for nearly everything. You can get restaurant grade Victorinox knives at a few places there too IIRC.

    2. ming wo always has deals and appears to have sheaper prices than their other branches, pender and carrall

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      1. re: vandan

        I love Ming Wo so much. A lot of deals can be found on the non-brand name stuff. Good prices on actual brand name stuff too.

        1. re: peter.v

          <<Tinland in Chinatown recently closed>>
          The *discount store* closed Yes.

          But as of last month Tinland Cookware - 260 Pender Street East, Vancouver, BC - 604-608-0787 was still in business.

      2. Personally, I really like going to HomeSense... I've managed to find great deals there... esp for brand name gadgets.. usually at about half the price as what other stores have it for... and i've found AMAZING deals esp in their clearance section... I know it's really hit and miss at HomeSense/Winners.. you really have to be patient... but I've managed to find almost everything I wished for... eventually at HomeSense.. the trick is to go often to browse if you have time and happen to be in the neighbourhood... I go regularly (ie. once a week)... and over time I've managed to find fabulous items for my kitchen that were on my wish list.

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        1. re: miss.foodie

          I'm a fan of the Ming Wo on Broadway just west of MacDonald (see recent thread here ) which offers discounts on what appears to be regular merchandise in their other stores.

        2. If cookbooks count as kitchen can now buy Thomas Keller's newest book, Ad Hoc at Home for $37.99, reduced from $65 retail from Costco (Burnaby location).

          1. Lee Valley has some nice items, good quality at decent price points (the rasp in particular)