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Jun 2, 2009 08:38 AM

Looking for some help in Moose Jaw Sask

Hello Fellow Chowhounders,

Im heading to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan this summer and was hoping to get a few tips on any worthwhile places in the area. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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  1. on the corner by the al capone thing(touristy)there is a pub ,stay away at all costs,instead go north from there a block and then a block east there is a ltlle perogy place thats good.

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      howlin - perhaps 'Yesteryear's Ukranian Borscht Soup'. I love their name.
      google streetview link below:

      Yesteryear's Ukrainian Borscht Soup
      34 River St E, Moose Jaw, SK S6H 0A8, CA

    2. My only tip is that they had a really cool liquor store across from some Al Capone motel or something. Just stopped there on my way to Calgary, so I have no further information.

      1. Nits (on Main) used to have good food, but its a hole - think: Hmmmm...they have not updated the decor in here since 1973...or cleaned it.. You can get a decent lunch at Evette Moore's Gallery. I have not been to MJ for a year or so, but that's about all there is for decent chow in MJ. Stay away from the Chinese Buffet restaurant with the green sign - there's only pure evil in there.

        1. Bumping this thread.

          Anyone have any comments for restaurants in Moose Jaw?

          I've enjoyed meals at Houston Pizza (mini chain in SK with family style restaurants) and will be visiting Nick's place, another family restaurant, on my next visit!

          1. I spent a night in Moose Jaw in September,.... I really liked the city,... we searched for the Cordova Bistro, which had been recommended by my Bro-in-law who was there for a family reunion a couple months ago,.... he's from Mississauga and a real culture vulture,... he was very impressed... Anyway we found it 303 Main St N. ... v. fun eclectic interior, spacious, clean, good service, fair good wine list,.. Mediterranean menu (Greece to Portugal)... I'm a sucker for Greek Back Ribs and these were excellent,... lemon roast potato yummy,.. great interpretation of ratatouille,... companion had great mussels,... will definitely go back sometime,.... the desk clerk at our hotel said it was expensive,.. but we found it moderate for what we got,... would pay more in Wpg and way more in Cgy...
            Oh,... we saw the Chinese Buffet restaurant with the green sign,.. almost went in,.... thanks for the heads up!

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            1. re: jerrywes

              Thanks for your comments!

              We ended up at Nick's Place- #1 on tripadvisor for restaurants in Moose Jaw. Good quality family restaurant with huge portions.

              Will hopefully try Cordova on a future visit!