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Jun 2, 2009 08:00 AM

Food for a party

I'm looking for somewhere to pick up pans of food for a party of about 25 people. I need good food, but on the cheap side. Any recommendations?

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  1. depending on what you have in mind, i have a few suggestions: i once picked up a few of the charcuterie, cheese and sandwich platters from st. james cheese company for a party. it was great, though probably not what i would call "on the cheap side". martin wine cellar also does a good job, but also not necessarily cheap. i went to a party this past weekend and they had food from voodoo barbecue. i normally don't consider voodoo high quality, but i was impressed. good pulled pork and very good corn pudding. also, it's my opinion that you can never go wrong with popeye's!

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      Dorignac's and Langenstein's (supermarkets, both) do party platters & takeout catering. On the slightly lower end, Rouse's does platter-style party fare. HillBilly BBQ in River Ridge does catering-size takeout orders, and Semolina has affordable, all-inclusive meals priced per person (including salad & bread/butter) packaged in large foil pans.

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        No can do on BBQ. Everyone keeps recommending it because it's husband and I compete professionally on teh BBQ circuit so there's no way I'd order out for BBQ. We usually BBQ for all of our get togethers cause everyone loves it...but this get together is for his birthday so I don't want him doing anything.

      2. Dorignac's maybe? Edited to say oops... Celeste mentioned that.

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          I got the list from Dorignac's and also Langenstein' those are being considered. I also considered just doing it myself and doing a fajita bar. I think I could pull that off pretty reasonably and everyone just build their own fajitas.

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            check out reconcile's catering menu...I did my birthday for 40 ppl for around $175