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One Lunch in Portland - Where Should I Go?

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I have one lunch in Portland and I don't want to squander it! Anywhere in the greater Portland area is a possibility - where should I go?

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  1. Forgot to mention - I've been to Wildwood, Southpark, and Higgins in the last few years and really liked them all - I'd like to go somewhere different this time, but that kind of restaurant is definitely my speed.

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      Davis Street Tavern
      Clyde Common

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        A little different than the ones you mentioned, but I think some of the best food-

        Tanuki - maybe a little more adventurous, but I recommend the omakase. We put down $25 and had at least 12 courses - some of the best food I've had recently.

        Pok Pok - I'm never disappointed, never been to anywhere like it - not your typical Thai food found in the US

        Both have great, interesting food and are fun.

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          Tanuki is not open for lunch.

      2. ten-01

        1. Bunk Sandwiches would be my suggestion, but it's not in the same speed as the others you've mentioned.

          Ten01 and Park Kitchen would be right up your alley.

          1. I like Typhoon, Kenny & Zuke's & Fenouil.

            1. I had a good experience recently at Nel Centro in the Hotel Modera - on the edge of the downtown core. Outdoor seating potential if it's nice out. On 5th and Clay. It's brand new, and my colleagues and I were impressed.

              1. Thanks for the recommendations! We ended up going to Ten01. I had the lamb mac n' cheese and we had truffle fries for the table - both were excellent. (I wish I could tell you what my companions had but I can't remember!) The lamb was an extremely tasty comfort-foody dish, especially on a rainy day, and the fries were some of the best fries I've ever had - and HUGE; we couldn't finish them even though they were so delicious. Looking forward to coming back to your lovely city to try more restaurants!