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Aug 23, 2004 12:55 PM

Burger in Eagle Rock?

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I lost the name of the tiny burger place in Eagle Rock everyone was raving about - can anyone remind me of the name and location?

Thanks much

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  1. Thai American Express? Think it closed if that's the one.

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      Rich Gould-Saltman

      Thai-American was in Silverlake. I assume the tiny burger place in Eagle Rock would have been the Bucket. Still there?


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      1. re: Rich Gould-Saltman

        The Bucket is still there, and I still wonder if it is great every time I drive by it. Anyone have the scoop?

        1. re: smogqueen

          Is that the place with the rude guy and he has that crazy special sauce? It's been 15 years, but I still wonder about it.

          1. re: Sam

            yep, that's the place. though it may have a new owner but still a burger with some sort of garlic sauce remains. suffice it to say, i haven't tried the burger.

            1. re: kevin

              My cousin and I went to the Bucket at 1:30 on a weekday where there were a few people sitting down and eating. No one was in line. We went up and the cook, a little rude said the wait would be an hour and a half! No reason given. We weren't sure if he was messing with us or what so we left.

      2. The Bucket is located at:

        The Bucket
        4541 Eagel Rock Blvd.
        Eagle Rock
        (323) 257-5654

        I tried The Bucket after it was featured in the June 9 LA Times aticle about the best burgers in LA.

        I had The Bucket's Cardiac Burger -- two hand formed half pound patties, cheese, deep fried bacon, ham, mushrooms, onions, lettuce, pickles, tomato and mayo. Massive burger that is hard to eat without making a mess -- bun tends to disintegrate.

        French fries were a generous serving but were limp and soggy. I noticed that the fries were dripping wet with water as they were dropped in the oil which explains the soggy fries.

        THe Bucket has a small grill that can only cook about eight burgers at a time. So at peak times, the wait can be over an hour. The last time I was at The Bucket, they said a new larger grill has been ordered which will reduce the waiting time during peak hours.

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        1. re: Norm
          Rich Gould-Saltman

          any chance they do turkey-burgers?


          1. re: Rich Gould-Saltman

            RFGS - good turkey burger if you want to make the drive to Stanley's in Sherman Oaks.

            1. re: Rich Gould-Saltman

              The Coffee Table,Eagle Rock- 1958 Colorado Blvd, Silver Lake- 2930 Rowena, makes a good turkey burger from there own recipe, menu states that it's their most popular burger.

            2. re: Norm

              IMO The Bucket's burger is pretty good, worth a try, but even the single is messy. I really don't like buns that tend to disintegrate. I've also had this problem w/ Pie 'n Burger, Pasadena. I go back to PnB but have only been to Bucket once. Service was slow & they weren't busy. Maybe that's their nature, more likely it's to give you time for an extra beer/order a pitcher. It's a real hole in the wall-small "shack". Local dive for brew and a burger.
              I don't even remember the fries.

            3. Mostly I'm replying to the poster seeking turkey burgers... you definitely don't want to go to The Bucket... wrong place for you. All of the faults detailed on this website are probably true and then some. It's slow, small, they can only cook about four burgers at once, ambience is Nouveau Construction Site, it looks a lot like a recycled building supplies store, and you'll have to turn down the boombox yourself (in the patio), but the help is not insolent as one poster suggested, just tuned-in to their non-judgmental clientelle. But, get this: The Bucket probably has the BEST BURGER in L.A. Better than the Apple Pan (which is great), better than Cassels (also great). Better than the Pantry Annex. The Bucket Burger is huge. The Mild Cardiac Burger (double) is immense. I've never seen the Cardiac Burger but I can imagine. No frozen patties at The Bucket. The fries (normal or scalloped slices) are not Mickey D's crisp, they are loaded with grease, which makes them taste fantastic! Just don't eat them too often. That's about the extent of the menu (plus beer and sodas by the can). They'll serve you a patty without bun, and with a little lettuce on the side and guacomole, that's as close to turkey burger correct as they could come.

              All-round GREAT L.A. burger (not many of those left!) and authentic L.A. mileau experience, not a clone of anything (maybe a biker hangout on a remote California highway somewhere) or (gasp!) a milquetoast chain. You'd expect to find a young Dennis Hopper inside (but of course you won't), but Steppenwolf could be on the playlist.

              And thank God, the TV doesn't work and you probably won't find Blackberries inside!

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              1. re: BrookeN

                I was almost sold until "better than Cassels (also great)." Cassel's is really poor, like having a cheap ground chuck burger made at someone's house on store-brand buns. I need more than "better than a pretty poor quality, overrated burger joint living on faded glory" to make a hike to Eagle Rock.

                1. re: Woolsey

                  Note that Cassels has always used Grade U.S.D.A. PRIME Beef, although it may taste like " ground chuck..." to you (but not me)!

                  1. re: sel

                    Whatever. Cassell's is a waste of dead cows, be they prime, choice, or dog food-grade.

              2. The Bucket on Eagle Rock is still open and as great as ever, but the ambiance is far different now that founder Julio is gone.

                The place used to seat only 9 and if you acted up, you got whacked with a whiffle ball bat. As a novice, I once asked for a knife to cut my double and Julio pulled a Noriega by producing a machete and proceeded to bang away on the counter like a maniac. Those were great days. If he was in a good mood you were treated to "seafood" - that meant lump crabmeat stuffed inside butterflied jumbo shrimp assembled in a baseball sized orb that was battered, fried and doused with his famous garlic sauce. If he was in a really good mood, you got chocolate cake and a nip of sherry (on the house) for dessert and he would break out his old WWII pics of he and his late wife. What an awesome guy.

                You can still get all the favorites as Julio sold the recipes with the joint, and the new owners have built a patio that seats about 30 or so now. You can sit and enjoy football on the weekends and take a couple hours to work through appetizers a double or a couple singles and a pitcher or two. One of the best, right up there with Port-of-Call in New Orleans.

                PS - Stay away from the underwhelming fries and save your appetite for the real stuff.

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                1. re: diesel_100

                  Instead go to the Oinkster on Colorado for a wonderful burger and their equally wonderful Belgian fries, unless you would prefer a pastrami or pulled pork sandwich!!!
                  And maybe a peanut butter cupcake for dessert, if you left room for one.