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Need your best recs for fun dining-large bar in restaurant desireable for pre dinner whetting of appetite-This is for July 4th weekend so would of course like to have suggestion of over the top places that will be open. Thanks again.

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  1. Can you be more specific? What's your definition of "over the top"?

    1. Start at Drink, then walk a block to Persephone. Persephone has a bar an interesting cocktails too, but there's no excuse to miss Drink.

      Or Craigie on Main.

      1. Check your post from last year for the ones you didn't try. ;-)

        EDIT: Just wanted to add, on my first visit to Scampo, not long after it opened, I was indifferent. It was OK, but what's the big deal. I went back a few weeks ago and WOW everything was out-of-the-park good.

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          I went to Scampo for the first time last week, and while the Liberty hotel itself and the "scene" were over the top, I thought the food was only pretty good. It was also extremely loud. I 'm glad I went once just to see and experience the place, but am not sure I'd go back. The garlic bread and chocolate cake with coffee ice cream were excellent, but the tomatoes and basil in the caprese weren't that good, the vodka sauce on my pasta was mediocre, and the Italian Mojito was way too sweet, so if you go, I'd avoid those items.

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            How kind od you to remember! I was almost afraid to post this year after the threat to parade me around the North end like the Statue of the Virgin Mary-lol. anyway keep the recs coming!! Gramercyfoodie and I cant wait!!

          2. If you like Sushi and you can get reservations, I'd suggest O Ya. I tried it for the first time last week (not on my dime, luckily), and it was outstanding. If "over the top" means decadent food at scary-high prices, this will fit the bill.

            1. For fun dining large bar in restaurant the first thing that comes to mind is Eastern Standard. They really have some of the best cocktails in Boston. I've really enjoyed the food at Persephone the two times I've been but I'm not a big fan of the location. There's just nothing else over there. The bar scene at Scampo is quite lively and fun but haven't loved anything I've eaten there. The Liberty has a great and very big outdoor patio where I had drinks last night though I think it gets mobbed on the weekends.