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Jun 2, 2009 06:34 AM

Great Neck and Floral Park Options

My in laws live in Floral Park and I feel like we're always going to the same restaurants there, and in Great Neck. Has anyone tried Fiore's? And in terms of Great Neck, how about Oevo?

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  1. Mary, we like Fiore's a lot.
    We've never had a bad meal there and most have been exceptional.

    They have a great Caesar salad in an assiago cheese basket, their crab cakes are wonderful.
    Their osso buco and duck special are excellent.
    I tend to eat chicken there and it's terrific. My husband loves their ravioli of the day.

    Wish we had a local place like that by us and we live in Great Neck.
    Hopefully, we'll soon try Oevo, since I've read such nice reviews about it.

    1. Great Neck;
      1. Peter Luger's
      2. Ethos
      3. Oevo (
      )4. Tel Aviv Restaurant
      5. Pearl for old style chinese (on Northern Blvd but not actually Great Neck)

      Floral Park:
      Great Indian at Mumbai Express, Santoor and takeout from Fiza Diner.

      1. Fiore's is a charming place owned and run by a husband (chef) and wife (hostess). I moved to Florida a few years ago but try to get back there when I'm visiting. I've never had a meal there that I didn't enjoy. They have the most tender and delicious calamari. The whole dining experience is wonderful. Please make an effort to have a meal there as the owner recently told my father that the economy has really hurt their business!

        1. I like Koenig's in Floral Park. Good German food.


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            After I posted this question, and before I got responses, I actually made a reservation at Oevo for tomorrow night. I'm torn though; All of these sound really good! I will definitely check out Fiore's another time. Maxlet, let me know if you think that's the better place to go for a birthday dinner. Thanks!

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              Where have you been in Great Neck /Floral Parkand what if anything did you like? If you go to Oevo don't forget to report back.

              1. re: stuartlafonda

                Wow. Where haven't I been? I don't live there but my in-laws do and they eat out a lot. I like Vespa Cibo Buono in Great Neck. My in laws like Iavorone's in New Hyde Park but I don't think the food is great and the service is really slow. They also like Stella's in Floral Park but, again, it's really slow and I don't think the food is all that good. Elaine's in Great Neck is supposed to be excellent but I haven't been there.

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                  Oh Stella's is my absolute favorite (and I've been to tons of restaurants all over the city). I actually posted asking if anyone knows of a similar place in Manhattan. That veal parm. is the dish of my childhood and I could eat it every day.