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Jun 2, 2009 06:27 AM

Jasmine Thai - Westerly

I checked this place out for lunch, had a so-so experience. The service was friendly, but VERY slow (considering there were only two other tables in the place that were occupied). Server kept disappearing for long periods of time. Although the place was pretty much empty, we were seated at a table that had just been occupied by a family with a small child (there was still a high chair at the table and food scraps all over the floor -- gross). Food was decent, the pad thai was less greasy that what I experienced at Thai Pepper around the corner. They have a sushi bar, but nobody was sitting at it, and the chef was watching the flat screen tv most of the time. I'm wondering how they do on weekend nights...

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  1. Had sushi lunch there the week they opened. Was only customer. Sushi was ok, but overpriced. Haven't tried their Thai, but several people on this board seem to like their New London restaurant. I don't think they're going to make in in Westerly. The space is much too big, and nothing has ever succeeded there. I doubt if the town can support 2 Thai restaurants. Many residents still consider Chinese too exotic. I just hope they don't destroy Thai Pepper, which I still like, despite a few lapses.

    1. We went out on a Saturday night for something new & different. This place was highly recommended by coworkers, and quite frankly, we were a bit uneasy after reading the above reviews. Always trust coworkers! It was fantastic. The staff could not have been more pleasant, helpful, informative, our service was top notch without hovering, the place was spotlessly clean (including bathrooms). The appetizer of homemade dumplings was sublime. My only caution is, beware of the spicy. If they say medium spicy, it's farily hot. I can tolerate hot, but wasn't ready for quite so much heat. It is a larger place than Thai Pepper, there is more personal space. The place was busy, it was the last Saturday in August and the theatre had a play that night, so downtown was busy, but not overly corwded.